World 2025: How will the world be different?

Reach your full potentials

Will a fast-growth economy return so everyone can prosper and rise to the top? Not when every government and large company must control the world — because the physical world has always been a winner-take-all pyramid, with control by a small number of winners.

Consider what’s missing: New technology and architecture for how to build a new Digital Earth that includes new opportunities, knowledge and digital resources — and delivers that for human exponential growth to everyone connected. Developing that kind of Digital Earth will add new ways for your company and you to reach your full potentials, in the ways you choose.

Expandiverse Technology and Digital Earth Architecture

Inequality and Middle Class Decline:  Another way to the top

Disrupt the Middle Class Decline:  From decline to takeoff

We think we’re so advanced but whole “advanced economies” appear lost, not knowing how to build a future that works for everyone. We will eventually build a continuously connected Digital Earth that recognizes each of us and serves all of us. That planet will add systems and resources for everyone to rise to their full potentials, with a world culture and economy without limits. That Digital Earth could be us.

Managing a World of Crises

Add a Digital Earth that can handle our biggest challenge

Our growing Crisis of Success comes from who we are: Everyone wants it all, wants it now, and won’t stop. We refuse to rebuild the world we have because it’s the world we want. Many billions want more of everything, and as we confront centuries of limitless growth, we will grow our crises to unimaginable levels.

This puts us on the hero’s journey. We’re driven to face ourselves even when we don’t want to. We have no choice but to test today’s limits and turn our limits into the immediate need to surpass everything humanity has achieved throughout all of history.

Freedom:  Today’s new goal. Again.

The next rung on freedom’s ladder

As the Earth becomes a single digital room with everyone in it, the future of freedom is not just surveillance and government rule over everyone except giant corporations and super-rich elites. It’s the urgent need for a journey to a new Digital Earth where everyone can reach their full potentials, and make universal greatness the world’s new normal. That new standard will flip society’s pyramid — without revolutions and without attacking those at the top.

Governments and Governances

Old and new ways to meet human needs

Tomorrow’s digital world will be trans-border. As we grow into global lives we will continuously connect, work and digitally live in many countries. But nations, governments and laws are limited to their physical geography and borders. An inevitable divergence will develop between limited national laws and governments, and tomorrow’s trans-border world

Many no longer believe governments can improve the world or deliver on their promises. Expandiverse Governances enable collaborative actions that turn human needs into results at the speed of networks. Imagine human services as something you choose between, from collaborative Governances that share ideas and deliver rapidly advancing services. You receive the ones you choose, without an expensive one-size-fits-all government plan that often doesn’t work well enough.

The future of Identity:  Multiply yourself

How many lifetimes do you want to live?

Yesterday’s physical world gives you just one short lifetime with only one identity. But when society’s favorite 4-letter word is to scream “MORE!” why limit yourself? On a Digital Earth, defeat death, expand privacy, and outgrow your personal limits with multiple exciting global lives.

The future of Reality

If you don’t like your reality, change it

Control shifts to you on a Digital Earth. You can control your digital realities, and use that to opt INTO the worlds you want, as opposed to being desperate — as sometimes it seems now — to opt out of the one where most people cannot rise. When you can choose who and where you really want to be, a Digital Earth will deliver new ways to discover the many kinds of greatness in all of yous.

The History of the Future

Do we live inside the illusion of knowledge?

Like every age we live with the certainty that we know what the world is. The same way that we judge the beliefs of the past, tomorrow’s Digital Earth will call us obsolete.

Since landing on the Internet’s shores, we have reached only the first few miles inland. Tomorrow’s Digital Earth will come from inventing a more powerful world: One where everyone can succeed and reach the top of society — where greatness will be the norm.

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