Work 2025 Roadmap: Which Platform will Capture the Future of Work?


How will the future of work be captured?

During the rise of computing, Microsoft Office was the world’s platform for digital work.

On a Digital Earth, which company will lead the global “Work Platform?” This business will be continuously used by everyone as it helps produce success for customers, employees, suppliers, partners and economies.

This page is a Roadmap so you can plan how to lead Business and Work on a Digital Earth.

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In this Work Roadmap:  The strategic advance — Become the world’s Work Platform

Expandiverse components can be cherry-picked to fit your company’s strategy and business. Some Expandiverse Work components and outcomes are below, including:

Situation:  A digital economy is binary — there’s only top or bottom

Winner-Take-All Digital Economy Competition is obsolete: Get to the top or go home. The Amazon example.

Expandiverse Components:  Above the Microsoft+LinkedIn platform, transcending it

# Audience / Interest Expandiverse Components
1 Devices Add User Presences Devices become families. Users gain continuous presences and control across their devices.
2 New UX: User Experience Always-on super powerful high-quality relationships
3 Universal Success and Satisfaction Active Knowledge finds you and grows your successes
4 New Partnership Capitalism New Internet business model: Users control ads, content and their digital lives
5 Multiply the World’s Resources Turn products and services into universal online resources
6 Real-time Workflow and Productivity Supply Chain and Healthcare examples: Control, coordination and superior performance.
7 Multiply Everyone’s Achievements Grow everyone’s personal abilities, control, performance and lives

Outcomes:  World leadership in work productivity and performance

# Audience / Interest Value
1 Accelerate Company Growth New technology and architecture accelerates real-time growth from a people-first Work Platform.
2 Grow Your Tech Leadership Grow from “tech is central” to “tech is how we live, work and play”
3 Roadmaps for Leaders Expandiverse Roadmaps to lead your industry, then scale to help lead the world.
4 “Lead the Future” Briefings Vision briefing—Our Journey to Greatness. / Executive briefing—Your company’s silver bullet.
5 New Expandiverse Tech and IP Microsoft’s patents have cited the first Expandiverse patent over 30 times, and this inventor’s patents over 300 times.

Situation:  Winner-Take-All Digital Economy

Competition is obsolete: Get to the top or go home. The Amazon example.

The Winner-Take-All Digital Economy:
How do you win it all?

(Length:  1:02)

A possible Amazon World Leadership Roadmap:
Manage global Supply & Demand

(Length:  0:53)

Component 1. Devices Add User Presences:

Devices become families. Users gain continuous presences and control across their devices.

Your “Presence” is multiplied across your devices. From today though Digital Reality (physical + VR + AR + MR + Expandiverse)

The Expandiverse changes “presence” from the physical world’s limited “one person/one place.”

This Digital Earth moves you to the top everywhere in the world. You are the focus of its services:

  • You are recognized and served across your family of devices.
  • You have continuous presences everywhere you want to be:  You flip between your multiple Shared Spaces.
  • Your Shared Spaces follow you and serve you as you move from device to device, place to place, and time to time.
  • In each Shared Space, your Digital Boundaries filter and prioritize the content and ads you need to meet your digital life while you are “there.”

What’s the shortcut to a Digital Earth?  A virtual device from the future serves everyone, everywhere

Today’s devices could be turned into doorways into tomorrow’s Digital Earth. An Expandiverse “Virtual Teleportal” can deliver a Digital Earth to everyone’s smart devices. Everyone moves ahead right now, with the device in their hand.

This future arrives without a forklift to replace today’s electronics. But that kick-starts everyone’s need to buy and use tomorrow’s new devices:

Component 2. New UX—User Experience:

Always-on super powerful high-quality relationships

The User Experience of a Digital Earth:  Users experience Control

(Length:  1:52)

Users control what they see:  Quality, just the way they like it

(Length:  5:25)

Component 3. Universal Success and Satisfaction:  

Active Knowledge finds you and grows your successes

Stop fearing AI and start building Human IA — Intelligence Amplification

Today, everyone is wirelessly surrounded by the world’s best knowledge. But it’s disconnected from what we do on our digital devices and services. Active Knowledge turns the steps we do into triggers, and can deliver the “next best step” in a task, or the “short path” to the goal of a “customer journey.”

This isn’t education or critical thinking. It’s direct IA — Intelligence Amplification — for everyone.

Think about every leading company. Do they hire employees to produce at the 50% or 60% level? Or do they want every employee performing above 80% or 90%?

Then consider how to make everyone the best in the world. Right now, a high school kid can walk into a store and buy the world’s best smart phone — and Bill Gates can’t buy a better phone. It’s time to do that with knowledge so everyone has the world’s “next best steps” at their fingertips.

Which will prove more powerful in your life? A few companies’ AI’s, or your personal Intelligence Amplification? Welcome to Active Knowledge…

How high could you rise? How quickly?
Will greatness be the new normal?

(Length:  3:09)

How will Active Knowledge help people and please customers? In every product and service only 1 out of 4 customers is in the top quarter of performers. But 2 out of 4 users perform at the 50% level and below.

Will the future be different? Could we have a world where nearly everyone can rise far above average?

How can your company use IA — Intelligence Amplification — to Lead the World?

(Length:  2:06)

Today’s deluge of new technologies, new products and added features constantly challenge users. As we turn into a digital world, Active Knowledge will help “what’s new” succeed — by helping people leap ahead rapidly.

How can everyone be the best in the world, and rise to the top?

(Length:  3:57)

Interviewer: You’ve talked about how this will change the way people learn, the way learning will be universal throughout society, and the way we will all learn together. What does this look like compared to how we learn and succeed today?

Connected Use: Your Always-on Channel to Everyone

(Length: 1:45)

Interviewer: How could a company like Amazon build a channel inside of everyone’s tasks and steps, all day, every day?

Component 4.  New Partnership Capitalism from New User Controls

New Internet business model: Users control ads, content and their digital lives

Today’s interfaces are dynamically created

Advertising systems sell you, download ads that track you, and add them into your screens. Augmented reality adds overlays to your interfaces. Virtual reality delivers a digitally created world that responds to what you do in it. All three are your unique personal experiences.

We’re in a new digital era: What you see uses your profile and your current location and step to dynamically create and display your unique screens.

Flip the switch, put you in control and change the world

When users control what is on their screens, they will rule the digital world. If you want to stop climate change, you can banish fossil fuels from all your ads, content and choices. If you want healthy eating, all the unhealthy foods will disappear from your screens and their choices.

When companies fail to support good values, you can wipe them off your screens. With your finger on a new digital kill switch, businesses will dedicate themselves to you. Companies will work to please every consumer all the time. Expandiverse Tech will usher in a new Partnership Capitalism where everyone can win.

Consumers Control the Digital Earth

(Length:  4:09)

People have always controlled what they look at. Next, Digital Boundaries will automate that control. Everyone decides what they put on their screens, and what they keep off of them.

The world’s most valuable real estate will become your user-controlled interface on all your screens:

  • Display the world you want, the world you believe in.
  • Replace today’s targeted advertising and content tsunami with the ads and content you choose.
  • When you control your screens, you will help shape tomorrow’s digital economy and the world it builds.

Your benefits from Digital Boundaries:  Companies will serve you and fit your choices. They will make your life and the world better — instead of you serving them.

Consumers Command the Digital Economy

(Length:  6:18)

People already use ad blocking to stop ads from appearing on their screens. But with new Digital Boundaries the world you display will be the world you believe in. Your choices strengthen the companies and values you want, and diminish the companies you banish.

People changed entire industries when they took control of music and news. Next, you can help transform unhealthy food (obesity and disease) and climate change (fossil fuels). Expandiverse Digital Boundaries are a kill switch on the world you don’t want, and a green light for the world you want to develop and direct.

Digital Boundaries can be run for millions by media, publications and their content and ad services. They can also be managed by nonprofits who help build the kind of world people want. These media and nonprofits can share the advertising revenues from helping people redirect the economy.

Because your choices are clear, customer-centered companies will serve you directly. They will deliver the “quality experiences” you would like. When you choose the world you display, your choices will change the world.

Component 5:  Multiply the World’s Resources  

Turn products and services into universal online resources.

The “Big Flip:”  Is everyone just steps from the top of the pyramid?

How could everyone access the resources they need to rise to the top? Part of Expandiverse Tech flips the economy from scarcity to abundance — while increasing the revenues and profits produced by tech.

With cloud access and remote control, everyone can turn parts of their tech products and services into shared resources. People and businesses that need income, and want to benefit everyone, could rent or share their tech as worldwide resources. Original vendors could make global uses a channel, and receive royalty payments from downstream revenues. Vendors that object can be defeated in court, or replaced by competitors that permit digital sharing in their business model.

Everyone can use high quality devices, software, tools and content — with Active Knowledge guidance for “next best steps” success. This shifts global tech from scarcity to abundance, and personal success from blocked to immediate.

Everyone can rise by achieving upward. That would start flipping society’s pyramid upside down — without revolutions, without migrations, and without attacking those at the top.

Component 6:  Real-time Workflow and Productivity  

Supply Chain and Healthcare examples:  Control, coordination and superior performance by everyone, worldwide.

Supply Chain:  The global economy becomes one digital room, with everyone in it

More than a third of the world economy is the supply chain from raw materials through manufacturing and logistics. Expandiverse Shared Spaces add real-time “visibility” across markets, giving the Supply Chain the new ability to work together instantly across customers, vendors and suppliers. The world economy’s efficiency and accuracy are transformed by turning visible, continuous and digital.

Continuously Connected Global Platform

(Length:  2:27)

You’ve used platforms for years. Now, a new kind of Expandiverse platform can provide a continuously connected global supply chain. This will produce the real-time global economy that we will need in our huge and fast-growing world.

On the supply side a company can continuously connect manufacturing, shipping and distribution to get the right products to the right sellers when their customers need them.

On the demand side, customers can be continuously connected so their needs are known and met right away.

As we grow a global supply chain that’s 2 to 3 times larger, we will solve supply chain problems immediately, and reach new levels of economic performance.

The Supply Chain in Shared Planetary Spaces

(Length:  2:19)

On a Digital Earth, everyone in a global supply chain will experience it in a new way. All the parts of a supply chain will enjoy continuous connections in Expandiverse Shared Spaces.

As each participant does each step, supply chain managers can evaluate the progress. They can coordinate in real time with each participant, and with those who receive what they do.

With new continuous connections in always on Shared Spaces, global supply chains will become more accurate and effective.

Projected Example of a Future Supply Chain

(Length:  4:14)

In this illustration, Just In Time Manufacturing must solve parts shortages that cause line stoppages. In the future, pre-configured Shared Spaces will have virtual teams of First Responders who each uses their own Shared Spaces to solve each problem as soon as it is discovered.

As the Supply Chain operates we will learn the steps where business processes and employees succeed and fail while they are working. Projected improvements include

  • Fitting market demand by using “always on” relationships with customers.
  • Aligning data worldwide with suppliers, logistics and retailers.
  • Fixing problems in minutes and hours, instead of in one to three weeks.
  • Locating what is needed anywhere in a supply chain, as soon as the need for it is discovered.

Healthcare:  Our global sense and respond medical platform

In 2025, it is not within months, but minutes, hours or days that a digital medical system needs to detect pandemics, emergencies and terrorist attacks — and respond instantly:

  • Stop epidemics, pandemics and bio-terror attacks.
  • Respond to terrorist attacks while they happen. Now.
  • Medical expertise is at Ground Zero: Everywhere, all the time.
  • Emergency medical coordination:  Get the right people and resources to each need.

The Internet, Skype, Twitter and Facebook are steam locomotives compared to tomorrow’s Digital Earth rocket ship. Put the pieces together — experience and understand them:

Stop epidemics and bio-terror attacks

In 2025, it is not within months, but hours or days that a digital medical system needs to detect pandemics and bio-terror attacks — and respond effectively before it spreads.

The Internet, Skype, Twitter and Facebook are like steam locomotives next to the Digital Earth rocket of 2025.

Medical expertise is at Ground Zero: Everywhere. Any time.

A new kind of digital CDC, the Center for Health Expansion (CHE), was developed as a strategic healthcare firewall, ready to respond to lethal disease outbreakss and bio-terror attacks instantly.

In 2025 the CHE is always on, with digital presences everywhere, ready to provide universal threat awareness, analysis and strategic protection from potential health crises and bio-terror attacks.

Real-time medical coordination, when and where needed

In 2025 new levels of instant, continuous medical coordination will be normal.

A Digital Earth’s real-time emergency coordination will expand to include first responders like the military, homeland security and 911 emergency services.

Experience emergency coordination:


Instant and effective emergency coordination is normal

Component 7:  Multiply Personal Achievements:  

Grow everyone’s personal abilities, control, performance and lives

The future of reality:  If your reality isn’t good enough, change it

Today, we conceive and build everything digital. Content switched from control by a few TV networks and publishers to everyone blogging, tweeting and sharing. Video switched from a few large producers to you, creating video in real-time with the device in your hand. Now, reality is switching from the fixed physical world to a Digital Earth where we increasingly live, work, learn and play.

As control of your digital life shifts to you,  the control of digital reality will also be in your hand, at your fingertips every minute.

Every person will use that to opt INTO the positive worlds they want, as opposed to being desperate — as it sometimes seems now — to opt OUT of the negative one where the daily news cycle assaults everyone with each day’s new stories of hopelessness and fear.

Your control will switch your realities to YOU First. When you can choose who you want to become, “where” you are, and how you really want to live, a Digital Earth will deliver new ways to discover the many kinds of greatness in you.

Multiply the ways to meet human needs

Many no longer believe governments can improve the world or deliver on its promises. In fact, many believe governments are forcing the world into cataclysmic climate changes to support the profits of giant corporations that are destroying the planet.

Expandiverse Governances enable collaborative organizations and businesses that turn human services into multiple kinds of services that you choose.

This new “Governance” paradigm grows beyond today’s expensive one-size-fits-all bureaucracy that’s required for everyone — especially when it fails in people’s lives, and uses police power to enforce its failures.

Whatever kinds of healthy food or lifetime education or health care or renewable energy you need, self-controlled Governances are human services you add and drop when you need them. You get the kind of services that are right for you, and switch when that’s what you need.

When reality shifts to digital, Abraham Lincoln’s prophecy can finally come true. Governance “of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”

Multiply your one too-short lifetime: How many do you want?

Today’s physical world gives you just one short lifetime with only one identity. Tech’s giant platforms try to restrict you to the identity they know, so they can track and monetize you — by recording every step you take digitally (even inside your smart house), and selling every screen you display for advertising (even inside your private life, and your children’s lives to program their thinking).

But when everyone’s favorite 4-letter word is to scream “MORE!” why not turn unlimited? In the Expandiverse, outgrow your limits, live beyond the tech companies’ targeting, and expand your achievements with multiple exciting global lives.

Outcome 1.  Accelerate Your Company’s Growth:  

New technology and architecture accelerates real-time growth from a people-first Work Platform.

Invent new technology to change the world

For the last two centuries, new technologies and businesses have been consciously invented to change the world. An information age example is Bill Gates’ early quote, “A computer on every desk, and in every home, running Microsoft software.”

Between now and 2025 the world’s companies are spending over $1 trillion on their Digital Transformations. The big surprise will be a Global Digital Transformation, which will supersede company transformations.

Many companies could help lead this Expandiverse Global Transformation. They could develop and deliver a “DEaaS — Digital Earth as a Service.” Every day, countless companies and people could live, work and play on your People First Digital Earth. Your always-on relationships will be more immediate, powerful and rewarding than today’s physical world and business models.

World Economic Leadership:  The new “visible hand of the market”

(Length:  3:46)

Exponential Growth Engineering is a digital stage beyond Adam Smith’s “invisible hand of the market,” which was made famous in The Wealth of Nations in 1776.

The Expandiverse adds the first “visible hand of the market:”

  • Connected products and tasks make visible each user’s successes, failures and gaps. These drive big data and analytics.
  • Gaps are prioritized economically. Each gap is concept tested with real users, and turned into proven connected products and services.
  • The new, proven products and services are delivered personally during gaps, at each user’s moments of need.
  • This “visible hand of the market” turns gaps into achievements by the people who face the gaps, exactly when their need is strongest and benefits are immediate.

This new Expandiverse system produces exponential growth for both companies who sell the new products, and the people who advance. On a Digital Earth, progress can be created and delivered to everyone, raising humanity to new levels of achievement.

Increase revenues by turning industries digital,
and earn revenues from them

(Length:  8:38)

Across the economy, most industries, customers and relationships have not turned digital yet. If a World Leading Company could deliver that in one step as a new platform, many Digital Transformations can be skipped while advancing everyone rapidly.

Who could use this one-step into an Expandiverse “Digital Earth as a Service” (DEaaS), with embedded e-commerce?

  • Numerous industries, professional services and local businesses
  • Smart cities, schools, public services and health care
  • Entertainment, travel and more
  • The leading company’s customers, employees, suppliers and partners

Here’s a possible timeline:

  • 2019-2020:  Strategic roadmap, architecture and agile design-testing
  • 2020-2021:  Develop, refine and scale a focused platform, cloud services, apps
  • 2021-2025:  Mass-market roll outs and global scaling
  • By 2025:  A worldwide Digital Earth that can deliver universal success and your continuous leadership

Will you be the leader or one of the led?

Outcome 2.  Grow Your Tech Leadership:  

Grow from “tech is central” to “tech is how we live, work and play”

First Strategy — Defensive:
Defeat Digital Disruption

(Length:  5:05)

We’ve entered an economic extinction of companies and jobs. On average, every two weeks a company falls off the S&P 500. By 2025, half of today’s leading companies will be replaced.

How will your company survive and prosper? This first strategy is how to survive and get the resources to become a digital leader.

Second Strategy — Offensive & Inspiring:
Lead the People First Digital Earth

(Length 13:18)

Everyone knows the world is hanging in the balance. Many have watched their families suffer from inequality and lost faith in capitalism, governments and democracy.

This second strategy adds a People First digital acceleration next to your main business. This starts small and agile, focused on developing this new kind of leadership. Using new technology, it shows you how to become a People First leader in your industry. Your digital advances will help your company and consumers rise to the top. Then it shows how to scale so you can help lead the People First Digital Earth.

Outcome 3.  Roadmaps to Lead Industries and the World:  

Expandiverse Roadmaps to lead your industry, then scale to help lead the world.

Will your company help lead a winner-take-all digital economy?

By now we expect rapid world changing transformations like the Internet and mobile phones.

The Expandiverse’s big surprise is a Global Digital Transformation that could be delivered by a small number of winner-take-all global companies — or put in the public domain for everyone to use.

After all, a digital economy’s power comes from huge rewards for global leaders, and punishing declines for everyone else.

Use the Quadrant to choose your company’s future:

(1) Where we are today.
(2) Today’s digital dominants capture your industry.
(3) Your company leads your industry.
(4) Your company helps lead the world.

Choose your company’s future:

Click for full size / Use Back button to return

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Industry Roadmaps: (published so far)

Expandiverse Roadmaps let your company plan how to become an apex competitor. Or you can use them to see how the coming Global Digital Transformation could be used to defeat you.

Key Area Roadmaps: (published so far)

The Expandiverse is people-first technology that transforms the world’s biggest problems: overcome economic stagnation, fix inequality, reverse the decline of the middle class, keep people current as the world advances, and much more.

Networks are redefined from communications to bridges between behavior, knowledge and resources. When the world’s best knowledge and resources continuously flow to every person based on what they do, we will live in a world where everyone can rise to the top and be the best in the world.

Economic Growth / Inequality / Middle Class Decline

In the continuously connected world of 2025, how will everyone reach for their own greatness?

Growth 2025:  Start Exponential Growth

Outcome 4.  Two “Lead the World” Briefings  

Vision briefing — Our Journey to Greatness / Executive briefing — Your company’s silver bullet innovation.

Digital Transformation:  The big surprise will be Global Digital Transformation, surpassing your company’s transformation

An Expandiverse Digital Earth will help everyone leap ahead every minute as we live, work and are entertained. It is human exponential growthfor everyone connected, everywhere.

If you’re new to these ideas, start with the keynote speech on the left:  See the coming Crisis of Success, and how we will rise to greatness.

If you’re a C-level executive at a company that is turning digital, start with the Executive Briefing on the right:  See the silver bullet innovation your company can use to achieve Industry and World Leadership.

Executive Briefing:  The Silver Bullet Innovation for Your Company’s Digital Transformation

(Length: 41:09)

Based on Dan Abelow’s keynote speech that opened the Conference Board’s Enterprise Digital Transformation Council in New York, this briefing answers the question “Which innovation will move your markets and put your company in the lead?”

How will your company connect with customers, suppliers, employees and partners on tomorrow’s Digital Earth? The big surprise is the speed and scale at which your company can drive Industry and Global Digital Transformation, not just your company’s transformation.

Here’s the new technology and clear vision you need to start leading tomorrow’s Digital Earth in years, not decades.

Briefing sections:
1:40 Your Challenge
5:32 Morning: Day in the Life
9:26 How does this work?
22:16 Lead the World
32:06 Historic Inflection Point

Vision Briefing:  The Future of Devices and Our Journey to Greatness

(Length:  32:15)

Come on a journey from our pre-historic ancestors, to humanity’s rise to prosperity during the Industrial Revolution. This is now producing a “Crisis of Success” as we become unquenchable. Countless billions want unlimited consumption for centuries to come, threatening the world on which we depend.

Our Crisis of Success will force us on a Journey to Greatness. We no longer have a choice: We must build a Digital Earth with superior personal and global abilities.

How will this amazing future begin? What will its technology be? How will we live and work? Instead of questions, here is where you see how our generation will become one of the most important in history, as we turn toward a predestined Journey to Greatness.

This vision is clear: “A digital Earth will change how you and I interact, how we all connect and achieve more. The future of devices isn’t about devices; it is really your journey into tomorrow’s digital world — a world where everyone can reach their full potentials, and today’s greatness becomes the new world standard.”

Outcome 5. New Expandiverse Technology and IP  

By today, Microsoft’s patents have cited Expandiverse Technology 78 times, and this inventor’s patents over 350 times (and Bill Gates’ cited the Expandiverse 9 times in his new patents)

Expandiverse Tech has been cited over 1,000 times: Leading indicator of a “new technology cluster”

Perspective is from Market Value and Patent Citations (published in the Rand Journal of Economics): Firms with 20 patent citations and more “command a staggering 54% market value premium.” (p. 4) This research also shows:

  • The average patent receives 3 citations during its 20-year lifetime. (p. 32)
  • Only a few dozen patents receive over 100 citations, out of millions of patents. (p. 25)

Here’s the leading indicators from Expandiverse Technology to build a Digital Earth:

  • Over 500 patent citations were received within 10 months after the first Expandiverse patent issued
  • More than half of these patent citations are from world-leading companies.
  • The U.S. Patent Office divided the 1,400 page Expandiverse specification into 31 technology categories, enabling a “patent family” with new divisional patents through 2031

What’s clear from these patent citations?  The world’s R&D leaders cite Expandiverse often as they spend billions inventing and building our digital future

The lesson:  We are likely to use Expandiverse Technology to live, work and play digitally long before this IP expires in 2031

*Source 1: This Executive Briefing is based on Dan Abelow’s keynote speech that opened The Conference Board’s Enterprise Digital Transformation Council in New York. (Video length: 41:09)

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