Tech sharing gives everyone the power to run the world their ways

In 2025 everyone could use the world’s best tech, and rise to the top of society


The future of a fast-expanding tech industry has everyone running the world in constantly easier and more accessible ways.

Imagine using the entire world’s devices and resources without having to buy separate devices, separate software, separate services and a ton of, oh, goodness, content like movies or books.

Wouldn’t it be liberating if our digital world’s resources could be visible, shared by everyone, and even the content owners could be paid?

Wouldn’t it become a different world if digital access could be as simple as Active Knowledge pointing out your gap from the top, and providing you one-click use of the best devices, tools and resources? And wouldn’t you be a more capable person if Active Knowledge immediately guided you in how to use the best tools to perform at the best levels?

Billions of people could be like you. Everyone could move to the top of the world by successfully using the best devices, software, content, tools and resources.

Where would they get them? One business model is from the owners of tech devices whose installed connectivity, software, content and services enable them to rent out the unused capacity of their devices and services. And profit from others’ uses.

For companies, three business models include “company as a service,” “provide a platform” and “multiply a marketplace.” In each of these the vendor receives an estimated 10% to 30% of the revenue, sometimes with others doing the marketing, management and maintenance. These could grow as large as an entire platform, ecosystem or online marketplace. Yes, there could easily be enough SD Server companies and tech industry products to go around.

Here’s one more small thought.

In the same way that the tech industry used the Internet to disrupt so many “pre-digital” industries, a Digital Earth might mean a few speed bumps for some tech hardware, software and content companies.

It won’t take them more than a few nanoseconds to adjust, though. The tech industry’s IP, licensing and payment systems will evolve as soon as everyone starts using tech as a universal resource, grows more successful, prosperous and able to pay. Those vendors won’t let new sharing turn them into old-style hotel chains when a new IP and payment system balloons them into million-unit Airbnb’s. They’ll make IP the center of value again, and get paid from the new sharing.

As we evolve into a world of winners by sharing the best tech and resources, will we see tears for a universally used shared tech industry, or hear a global sigh of relief?

In 2025 everyone could use the world’s best tech, and rise to the top of society

Expand your mind and expand yourself

When Expandiverse Tech and IP accelerate the future into today, you can be everywhere and use everything. How much more will you want to be?

As you experience doing more and becoming more, will you choose to be all you can be, as so many advertisements constantly urge us?

With this technology you can truly imagine and realize how many different things you might do and people you might be — simultaneously.

Instead of planned obsolescence, the devices in your hand would let you use the world’s best devices, software, services and entertainment — while being the person (or combination of people) you’ve always wanted to be. You can actually be a cross between Jet Li and Bruce Lee. If that’s what you want. Or both of them. And Spike Lee, too.

Yes, you can become the ideal person (or people) that you’ve always had in your head.

You can have it all: Access to the world’s best devices, software and content. By climbing off the constant upgrade treadmill, you escape the need to spend, spend, spend. While gaining the best, best, best.

Do you see how your horizons can expand? Is the future of the tech industry selling a separate product to those who can afford that financial sinkhole, or providing an accessible digital world where everyone uses the best resources so everyone can rise to the top? Or both?

Can you feel your mind and expectations expand? You’re starting to see the Expandiverse.


Image credits: Shutterstock.