Tomorrow: Instant solutions will be part of living: The best knowledge, tools and products will help everyone rise to the top

In 2025 you won't need shopping or online stores because your best choices will be part of every step you take


Launch yourself on a new wave of the future and surf to your best self

How will this work? Start with other parts of the Expandiverse like your family of devices. You can turn away from your current screen, turn to your next screen and your digital world moves with you. It continues where you left off, with everything connected and open to the same steps.

To do that, your device “family” has to know you and what you’re doing, as well as learn from you. In a top-down hierarchy this includes:

  • You’re the user (recognition)
  • Which device(s) you’re using
  • The connections, products, services and apps you’re running
  • Your current tasks
  • Your step in each task
  • The steps where you’re likely to succeed, fail or abandon tasks
  • (Higher learning) What you like to do online and how well you do it

As your device “family” tracks you, it’s constantly ready to switch to your next device and screen, keeping you in a continuous digital world throughout your day. It’s also learning your gaps — the “triggers” where Active Knowledge could help you succeed — like the steps where you’re likely to fail or quit, or when you want more — so it’s able to step in with Active Knowledge when you’re likely to need it.

Active Knowledge can also ask you to tell it your goals and priorities, so it knows the kinds of recommendations to offer. Then it learns from what you actually choose, which shows it what you really want (not just what you say you want) and how much you’ll really spend to get to your goals. It’s not just what’s best. It also sees what’s fun to you, and what makes you happy.

But you’re just one member of this online world of billions of people.

Next think of Active Knowledge that does this for everyone. The “big data” version of this tracking shows the success and failure rates of countless products and services. For each kind of goal, it shows the most effective products and services. It also shows the steps that produce the highest rates of success.

As this service learns which “best” products and services to recommend for each goal and task, that becomes part of Active Knowledge. So are the steps generally taken to produce success. That’s what’s recommended to people who need — and want — to improve.

It’s like GPS that follows travelers to their destinations. Which routes do successful people follow to reach their goals? Which products, services, tasks and steps produce the highest levels of success? Those are the top recommendations for others to use — and how to use them when they’re bought.

It’s a new retail channel for everyone who has goals but wants a higher rate of success: They can try anything with their current product. Gaps trigger it, showing the steps and how to switch to better choices if wanted, with guidance in how to succeed.

Over time this will produce embedded commerce that will make you and others more successful in achieving what you want. You’re always one step from the world’s best options if you’d like that — so you can switch when you decide.

When you switch it guides you straight to the top, where you belong.


In 2025 you won't need shopping or online stores because your best choices will be part of every step you take


Who wins? With no gaps between living and advancing, you win

Now you’re surfing the world’s most powerful wave. Except it’s a digital tsunami, driven by embedded commerce.

The world’s best store has moved inside your screens, next to everything you do, always ready to serve as you do tasks, choose goals and decide — it’s time to reach for your dreams.

It’s the same for everyone. Commerce will be embedded throughout tomorrow’s digital world, with all knowing Active Knowledge that’s ready to help all the time.

Leading companies already work late into the night reinventing how we live, shop, play, communicate, read and work: Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and others transform our lives as they build their ecosystems and products. To reach ahead Apple is adding Siri, Goole is getting Now going, and Amazon’s Kindle HDX has a Mayday button for instant live support. Startups work late nights, too, building niches where they connect with customers to earn their share of the future.

Suppose some leading companies and startups add Active Knowledge to help everyone succeed, as well as make this a better world? What’s their incentive to do this?

Our digital world could grow to more than $1 Trillion in embedded commerce transactions, and is likely to reach many times that size.

Like Apple’s iTunes store, Google Play or, each of these ecosystems could make their 30% or so of these embedded transactions. That would be a cool $300 Billion for each $1 Trillion of these types of individual and worldwide advances sparked by their ecosystem.

If their Active Knowledge triggers AnthroTechtonic surges forward, the sales will grow faster. Imagine triggering surges toward people’s many unmet goals that produce $billions in worldwide sales. A rapidly improving digital world will be a highly profitable one.

A new worldwide marketing channel might become how we find needs and deliver both improvements and surges forward. To elevate you and everyone. Everywhere.

Hey, you want to go surfing this afternoon? I hear the waves are epic today.


Image credits: Both graphics are copyright Dan Abelow.