When you’re moved to the top, you don’t care where or how it’s done (video: 1:28)

INTERVIEWER: Now that software is migrating away from the devices in front of you to a cloud, is this a cloud above the cloud in a sense?

DAN ABELOW: Cloud is something that we’ve always had in a sense of client server, even going back to mainframes with client terminals. But the reality is that today in the Internet age, cloud is something that I would call Cloud 2 or Cloud 3, compared to the different generations we’ve had getting to this stage.

I think of this as taking the cloud and simply saying, “What do we need as a world?”

Let’s not worry about where it is because in the Teleportal architecture, you can be doing the processing on your machine, your teleportal, the one in your hand or the one that is in front of you, but the other person at the other end, or device or service or server could be doing it as well. Or, it can happen on the network in between.

Where the storage, where the processing takes place becomes irrelevant to the user.

From the user’s point of view, they have a task, they want to succeed. They don’t care where it is happening.