Teleportals: A new continuous architecture for devices (1:50 length)

INTERVIEWER: Teleportals are not just another way to access the Internet. They’re something very different. Can you elucidate on that a little?

DAN ABELOW: In the Expandiverse, there is also a hardware side.

The devices are actually a single family of devices called “Teleportals” that have Local Teleportals in the places where you are. They can be from large to laptops or screens or picture frames around you. They can be mobile and so they’re with you and the can be different sizes and shapes and configurations, right down to things like Goggle Glasses, but they’re all one continuous family with a continuous architecture behind them.

What that means is that as you put one device down, it turns off automatically because it knows you are not using it anymore. As you pick up the next device, it restores your digital continuous world to you. So that’s actually stored behind it in the architecture and what’s doing now is working like physical reality.

We are moving to a digital world that stands next to physical reality. You’ve got the digital world and you got the physical world.

When you turn to the digital world, it’s there. It has your people, places, services, tools, resources. It’s all on and your world is there.

As you turn to different devices, it moves with you just like you walk into a new room, you walk into a new device.

This is essential and it changes the whole way that you work with digital reality, that you experience it and what it does for you.