Technology 2025: Our future is a Digital Earth

How Digital will Change the World

One day greatness for everyone will be in our grasp. Why wait generations? We could reach it now by using our transition into a Digital Earth to leap into a world of greatness for all.


Expandiverse Technology and Digital Earth Architecture

2025 is now:  It’s time for your company to lead the world

2025 Devices and Screens:  Continuous Digital Reality Serves You Everywhere

Multiscreen Family of Devices

In 2025 devices and screens are connected families. Every device converges computing, communications, live video, the Internet, entertainment and more into a continuous digital reality architecture that spans all your devices. You remain fully and instantly present everywhere you want to be, as you move from device to device location to location, and time to time.

2025 Learning, Searching & Buying:  How people run 3 of the biggest ecosystems 

Personal accelerators include continuous Learning, obsolete Search, and embedded Shopping/Switching

An invisible, embedded two-way media delivers always on personal acceleration worldwide:  We think networks are for communications. What if networks were based on behavior and responded to what you do? They could learn the best ways to succeed in what we all do, and deliver the best solutions to everyone. We would become a world of winners, where universal success is how the world works.

2025 Sharing Economy:  The tech industry’s best products, services and resources are everyone’s

Is everyone just steps from the top of the pyramid?

Until now the tech industry has disrupted other industries. What if the tech industry were turned into a shared resource by people and businesses that need income, and want to benefit everyone? Everyone would use the world’s best devices, software, tools and content — with Active Knowledge guidance. Everyone becomes the best at achieving upward and reaching the top of the pyramid.

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