Today’s Supply Chain:  6 Pain Points with One Solution from the Future

Six major pain points in Supply Chains

Research confirms frequent, large supply chain problems:

Top 6 issues
Procurement is confrontational:  Goal is to drive down the price, then leave it to the vendor to meet quantity and date commitments
Senior executives keep today’s problem-filled process because Wall Street demands quarterly profits
41% of companies have product and/or service issues due to third-party supply chain or inventory failures*
Most supply chain management is a 12-18 month rolling forecast that is only updated every 30 to 90 days
Both customers and suppliers are treated as “black boxes:”

  • Demand forecasts are inaccurate because of too little direct communications with customers
  • Supplier communications are usually with prime contractors or manufacturing agents, not the actual factories and assemblers
Constant problems and solutions are buried in a flood of emails and calls, without improving demand forecasts, or supply chain management systems


Dan Abelow presents a possible Amazon World Leadership Roadmap to The Conference Board’s Enterprise Digital Transformation Council

Dan Abelow presents a possible Amazon World Leadership Roadmap to The Conference Board’s Enterprise Digital Transformation Council.


Solution from the Future:  Advance to a Digital Earth’s continuously connected global economy

The big surprise will be a Global Digital Transformation that adds new platforms for continuous connections throughout the economy. This will

  • Create new knowledge from real-time adjustments across supply and demand chains
  • Apply it immediately to supply chain management systems
  • Turn the new continuous connections into supply chain speed, efficiency and accuracy

This page is a Supply Chain Roadmap based on adding this Expandiverse economy-wide platform. These Components can be cherry picked by one to many companies to help them lead a customer-centered global economy.

Your company could add a Global Supply Chain Platform for operating through continuous connections with customers and suppliers. You could raise your supply chain performance by adding constant interactions and direct adjustments with customers, suppliers and logistics.

Grow your Supply Chain Platform into a business:  Scale it so other companies can add it to their global supply chains. Turn on the world’s continuous connections between vendors, customers, suppliers and logistics.

With your company as a world supply chain leader. As the world adds a Digital Earth economic system, your company helps lead its Digital Earth economy.