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Digital tech is winner-take-all. How will your company win against billion-user platforms from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft?

We live in history’s inflection point. Digital disruptions overturn one industry after another. The impacts now change governments — the United Kingdom with Brexit, and the United States with Donald Trump.

The next big surprises? A Global Digital Transformation will eclipse individual company strategies. The next Digital Infrastructure will least for decades — with a few giant winners and many, many losers.

Consider a “Big Flip” disruption of today’s pyramid:

When everyone can succeed immediately, the world can rise to greatness for the first time.

The Digital Convergence Wars are coming. Billion-user platforms will fight each other to capture the coming Digital Infrastructure. Corporate leaders in many industries will be damaged, consumed or captured by these giant battles.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos swallowed The Washington Post when the publishing industry was slammed.

Your company’s choice is strategic:  Either capture this inflection point and lead a people-first Digital Infrastructure — or be left behind.

Expandiverse Technology and Breakthrough UX Services are now here to help you build a people-first Digital Earth, with the new leadership opportunity of “people-first” technology.

Platform of the Future to capture today's inflection point and help lead a Digital Earth

“Start Here” to add this First Mover Digital Earth Advantage

What do leaders need to know to deal with coming years’ disruptions and opportunities?

This doesn’t change who you are or your business. This adds being people-first to your products, services and strategies.

Start here:

What’s the Problem? Problem: Obsolescence + Stagnation + Inequality = Shocks like Brexit and Donald Trump
How to Solve It? Solution: Build a People-First Digital Earth and deliver Prosperity and Greatness for All.
What’s the Big Idea? A people-first Digital Earth includes daily living, business, entertainment, everything.
Roadmap Example Supply Chain 2025 — FAST Platform for Worldwide Prosperity with a 4-step timeline to leadership.

See Summary of Supply Chain 2025 and the Supply Chain 2025 Roadmap

6 Roadmaps to Begin Roadmaps to accelerate your leadership:

Industry Roadmaps:  Commerce 2025 Roadmap, Work 2025 Roadmap, Media 2025 Roadmap

Global Roadmaps:  Supply Chain 2025 Roadmap, Corporate Digital Transformation Roadmap, Growth 2025 Roadmap

Custom Expandiverse Roadmap and assistance for your company:  ForesightAdvisory, Building, Joining

Online Briefings Disruption threatens every company. How do you deal with that? Take the Lead
Expandiverse Tech and IP “The future” has become an invention, roadmap and strategic plan. Here’s the assistance you need.

Problem:  Obsolescence + Stagnation + Inequality = Shocks

Examples:  Brexit in the United Kingdom, and Donald Trump in the United States

Frustration grows. Anger swells.
Elections disrupt.
Shocks arrive.

Where is our wealthy future from technology?

We have entered a frustration-driven transformation as our lives, businesses and societies turn “fully digital:”

Politicians and political parties don’t know how to solve these problems, whether they are Conservative or Progressive.

Corporate leaders produce more billions for themselves, not Universal Prosperity.

Today’s “system” is reshaping the traditional pyramid into an “hourglass” by…

  • Moving people to the bottom
  • Moving wealth and power to the top
  • Moving control over government to elites

The popular consensus:  Today’s system causes the problems, so it can’t solve them. We are at an impasse and need “change.”

Solution:  Build a People-First Digital Earth and deliver Prosperity and Greatness for All

Make your customers, supply chain and employees the world’s most powerful and successful

Some of the 500+ licensees of the inventor’s previous patents:

See the invetor's IP site:

Some of the 500+ patent citations of the inventor’s first Expandiverse patent:

Expandiverse Technology: Over 500 Patent Citations within months

Tech and services to expand your Digital Transformation:

Custom Expandiverse resources for your company's Digital Transformation

Dan Abelow, Inventor Expandiverse Technology, Founder Digital Earth 2025 RoadmapsI’m Dan Abelow, creator of Digital Earth 2025 Roadmaps for a people-first Digital Earth, and new Expandiverse Technology to build  it.

History of envisioning and creating new digital technology first, before the rest of the world:

  • My patent portfolio on digital communications, content and access was bought in 2004, then licensed by over 500 corporations that include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics and many others.
  • Patents and patent applications I created have been cited by over 2,200 subsequent patents.
  • Hold degrees from Harvard and the Wharton School.

These new ideas started in 2007. They were followed by years of confidential private creation. Now the first Expandiverse patent issued in November 2015. Within 10 months it was cited by over 500 subsequent patents.

Growing range of resources for building a Global Digital Transformation rapidly:

Expandiverse mission:  Prosperity and Greatness for All on a successful Digital Earth.

Current stage:  Introducing this new thinking, new technology and Roadmaps.

Target timeline: Assist one or more companies in building industry leadership by 2020, then scale to global mass markets by 2025.

It does this by attracting a small number of winner-take-all companies to use Expandiverse Technology to help capture leadership of your Industry. Then scale your platform to capture mass markets through a Global Digital Transformation.

  • If your company dominates your part of the Internet:  This will help you grow your markets faster and lead a successful Digital Earth.
  • If your company is doing its Digital Transformation:  How big are your goals? This starts by helping you capture leadership of your industry. Then you can scale that to lead a successful planet that includes everyone — while you help lead the world economy.
  • If your consulting, software or services firm builds or sells platforms:  The Expandiverse can be delivered as a platform for customized use by hundreds of companies worldwide. For an example, see the Supply Chain 2025 Roadmap below.

Our generation:  Can we be the historic generation that builds a planet where everyone can succeed and live good lives? Within a decade today’s digital inflection could turn into a Digital Earth that helps everyone rise to greatness. With your company a world leader.

Business model:   One of two options:

  • You or a competitor could own and drive this:  This project will produce 1 to 3 major sales. Help those companies build their platforms and capture world leadership.
  • Everyone could own this:  Find a benefactor who puts this in the public domain. Add education so everyone can use this to change the world.

Direct contact: Get in touch at

Timeline:  Four growth stages to Industry and World Leadership

Four stages for your company to lead tomorrow's Digital Earth

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Familiar steps, investments and ROI:

  • Custom foresight:  See your company’s future in a custom speech that fits your goals.
  • Strategic plan:  Develop a plan, timeline and budget with workshops and other inclusive methods.
  • Lean design-testing:  Start low-cost development with small teams.
  • Field trials:  Use prototypes in field trials to solve frequent customer problems.
  • Solve major customer problems:  Develop your platform to solve key customer problems.
  • Begin ROI:  Grow your platform to lead your industry by capturing new customers during their problems.
  • Grow ROI:  Scale your industry platform to capture other industries by solving their key problems.
  • Prepare your company for the Digital Convergence of 2020-2025:  Scale your platform to lead the world.

What’s the Big Idea? Lead your industry, then the Economy

Today’s companies will look like early steam trains. Tomorrow’s leaders will be the first rocket ships.

Today:  Winner-Take-All Platforms

Pivot to find traction, then scale it.


Future:  Lead a People-First Digital Earth

Life, Business, Entertainment, Everything


Digital Convergence arrives between 2020 and 2025

First lead your industry. Then scale to lead the world. Or die.

Roadmap Example:  Supply Chain 2025

Lead your industry. Then lead the world. Or die.

See the Supply Chain 2025 Roadmap now

By 2025, one or a few companies could dominate and lead tomorrow’s Supply and Demand Chains:

See the Supply Chain 2025 Roadmap now

FAST Platform for prosperity through Expandiverse Supply and Demand Chains:

See the Supply Chain 2025 Roadmap now

FAST Platform: Fit consumers. Align operations. Solve & deliver. Terminate problems.

Component example:

Connected Consumption

Expandiverse Shared Spaces
FAST Connected Consumption across the Supply and Demand Chain

Expandiverse Shared Spaces: Continuously connected customers, vendors, suppliers and logistics
Consumption is the economy’s largest and strongest driver.

Connected Consumption begins the “visible hand of the market.”

The world’s leading companies will have personal relationships with every consumer. They will serve each person well, satisfying needs with higher quality at lower costs.

Expandiverse Active Knowledge, Active Resources and Active Commerce: The FAST Platform increases everyone’s abilities across the Supply and Demand Chain

Expandiverse Active Knowledge, Active Resources and Embedded Commerce: Raise abilities universally

FAST Platform for Worldwide Prosperity:

Fix today’s Supply Chain Problems by starting a Digital Earth Economy

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Timeline — Your Milestone Decision is arriving:

Will you be the Disruptor, or get Disrupted and Decline?

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Four stages for your company to help lead tomorrow's Digital Earth Economy

An inflection point has begun. When fundamental technologies change, the leading companies change.

4-Stage Timeline:
Solve problems. Eclipse today’s leaders. Consume competitors. Scale to winner-take-all leadership.

First Mover Advantages for the Supply and Demand Chain of a Digital Earth

One or a few companies are likely to dominate because of “network effects:” 
The more people who use a platform, the more valuable it becomes — and more difficult to disrupt.

That’s why starting now on your FAST Supply Chain Platform could be critical for survival.

Patent citation data from some of the world's leading Supply Chain companies

Your Milestone Decision:
A winner-take-all Digital Economy is arriving. Will you lead this disruption by building the future first? Or will you skip it and risk everything?

Where will you find the talent and technology to build your future?
Get the FAST Supply Chain Platform and reach the future first.

Lead the fast-arriving Digital Earth Economy.

Roadmaps to Accelerate Your Leadership

Lead Your Industry. Then Lead the World.

Six Expandiverse Roadmaps to begin

Expandiverse Technology, to lead Digital Earth 2025

Industry Roadmaps

Commerce + Search:


Commerce 2025 Roadmap:

Lead commerce by embedding it inside tasks, “moments of need” and everyday life. Trusted vendors replace shopping, advertising and e-commerce. Fill each person’s “pattern of consumption” with privacy, quality and lower cost.

Work + People:

Expandiverse Roadmap for Work + People

Work 2025 Roadmap:

Lead the world by becoming the Platform for doing Work in businesses around the world.

Media + Advertising:

Expandiverse Roadmap for Media + Entertainment + Ads + Content

Media 2025 Roadmap:

Lead the world by becoming its individually controlled gateway to customized information, advertising and Personal Success.

Global Roadmaps

Supply and Demand Chain:

Supply Chain 2025 Roadmap: One Supply and Demand Platform will lead a continuously connected global economy

Supply Chain 2025 Roadmap:

FAST Platform for Worldwide Prosperity: By 2025, one or a few companies could dominate and lead tomorrow’s Supply and Demand Chains.

Corporate Digital Transformation:

Digital Transformation Roadmap:  So hundreds of companies can leap ahead quickly, here is their playbook

Corporate Digital Transformation Roadmap:

Leave the slow road of incremental innovation to others. First disrupt and lead your industry. Second, scale your platform to lead the world.

Growth + Inequality:

Growth 2025 Roadmap: Solve low economic growth, inequality and middle class decline

Growth 2025 Roadmap:

Lead the world to faster economic growth. Solve inequality and the decline of the middle class by starting Worldwide Personal Productivity, leading to Universal Prosperity.

New Expandiverse Technology and IP

h and IP “The future” has become an invention, roadmap and strategic plan. Here’s the assistance you need.

Dan Abelow, Inventor The Expandiverse, Founder Digital Earth 2025

“Change the technology and change the world.”
— Dan Abelow

Where does “The Future” come from?


The world has transformed repeatedly by intentional inventions:  Some include steam power, railroads, electricity, automobiles, television, airplanes, computers and the Internet.


Today’s lives, economy and societies depend on connected screens. The exponential growth of technology is leaving many companies, jobs and people behind.

Today wealth and power grow quickly for elites. Most people’s lives are limited. Most now believe the system is rigged. There is very little faith in Capitalism and “Democracy.”

What’s next? Today’s business and political leaders can’t fix the problems caused by today’s “system.” We are at an impasse, with mass frustrations.


Is it possible to invent and build new technology that raises everyone to the top and starts Universal Prosperity on a successful planet?

That’s the Expandiverse.

This time, let’s make it the world we want:  A people-first Digital Earth where every person and your company receives the options for growth and greatness.

On a Digital Earth where everyone can change their world, so that they rise every day.

Is the world an invention?

"Change the technology and change the world" — Dan Abelow

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