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Roadmap Example:

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How will Your Next Supply and Demand Platform Lead the Economy?

By 2025, one or a few companies could dominate and lead tomorrow’s Supply and Demand Chains:

See the Supply Chain 2025 Roadmap now

FAST Platform for prosperity through Expandiverse Supply and Demand Chains:

See the Supply Chain 2025 Roadmap now

FAST Platform: Fit consumers. Align operations. Solve & deliver. Terminate problems.

Component example:  Connected Consumption

Expandiverse Shared Spaces
FAST Connected Consumption across the Supply and Demand Chain

Expandiverse Shared Spaces: Continuously connected customers, vendors, suppliers and logistics

Component example: Shared Spaces connects consumption across your Supply & Demand Platform

Continuously connect customers, vendors, suppliers and logistics:

  • Know personal consumption patterns and needs.
  • Supply individuals continuously and efficiently.
  • Get the right products and services to the right customers at the right time.
  • Your FAST Supply and Demand Platform produces efficient digital operations by vendors, suppliers and logistics.

The FAST Supply Chain Platform knows each person’s needs and meets them well

Think of everyone’s time and activities as a pie chart. The fastest growing slice will be everything we do digitally. This digital “slice” will grow more dominant every year.

These digital abilities will drive Digital Convergence. That will satisfy mass market needs for products and services:

  • Everyone’s connected consumption will be learned while it happens.
  • Everyone’s personal needs will become a known pattern.
  • A small number of connected vendors will dominate.
  • They will use your FAST Supply Chain Platform to auto-supply most people’s connected consumption when and where they need it.

On the back-end, they will use your FAST Platform to manage the global supply chain for efficiency and accuracy — lowering everyone’s cost of living, raising the quality of life and securing their personally connected dominance.

What will it be like to live on this Digital Earth?

Your Platform will start delivering Universal Prosperity and Greatness for All, on a successful Digital Earth that includes everyone.

Component example:  Embedded Knowledge, Tools and Commerce

Raise everyone to humanity’s combined abilities

Expandiverse Active Knowledge, Active Resources and Active Commerce: The FAST Platform increases everyone’s abilities across the Supply and Demand Chain

Expandiverse Active Knowledge, Active Resources and Embedded Commerce: Raise abilities universally

Component example: Active Knowledge, Resources and Commerce help deliver the Global Digital Transformation

The best knowledge, tools and resources will find each person during tasks and steps, raising everyone to the top:

  • When you flounder Active Knowledge adds the “best next step.”
  • When you perform poorly Active Resources can switch you to the “best digital tool” and guide your uses.
  • When a transaction is needed, Active Commerce will provide an invisible, embedded channel inside each “moment of need” — making most of shopping and e-commerce obsolete.

Tomorrow’s new norm: Your FAST Platform will operate a Digital Economy at new levels of accuracy, efficiency and prosperity.

Everyone will rise above average. Today’s pyramid will flip, with most people rising to the top:

When everyone can succeed immediately, the world can rise to greatness for the first time

The FAST Supply Chain Platform knows each person’s abilities and makes everyone great

As you go through every minute of your day, your tasks and steps will be known. Digital activities will be visible on connected devices. Physical activities will be made visible by the IoT (Internet of Things) and universal video.

The best knowledge, tools and resources will find each person during tasks and steps, raising everyone to the top:

  • Steps will include optional choices for immediate personal success.
  • Embedded Active Knowledge: Everyone can use “next best steps” and direct task paths.
  • Embedded Active Resources: Everyone can switch to the “best digital tool” for each task.
  • Embedded Active Commerce: Everyone can use your invisible e-commerce channel inside their “moments of need” — making your FAST Platform the next replacement for retail and e-commerce.

Vendors who use your FAST Platform will know everyone’s wants. They will lead the world by making personal success, consumption and satisfaction the new norm.

Example results:

  • Every part of the Supply Chain will be known, accelerated and continuously improved.
  • Corporations will increase the performance of millions of employees.
  • A company’s pool of know-how, resources and transactions will also raise their customers, industry and markets worldwide.
  • A new field of Human Success Engineering will develop. It will use your Platform’s real-time metrics, with Active Knowledge-Resources-Commerce to deliver immediate personal improvements universally.
  • This will start a new digital learning model, leading to new Business and Society Maturity Models.

Your FAST Platform will put your company at the center of tomorrow’s Global Digital Transformation.

Your Platform will start delivering Universal Prosperity and Greatness for All, on a successful Digital Earth that includes everyone.

FAST Platform for Worldwide Prosperity

Fix today’s Supply Chain Problems by starting a Digital Earth Economy

Your FAST Platform will be a core service that both grows and “owns” the economy’s accelerating abilities, growth and prosperity.

FAST Platform: Fit consumers. Align operations. Solve & deliver. Terminate problems.

FAST Platform Legend:
FAST Platform Blue Bubble Legend


Fit consumers changing demandsB2B and B2C: Market demand is already driven by each consumer’s personal choices.

Know each person’s current demand through Shared Spaces, real-time Active Knowledge, and more.

Use AI and predictive analytics to know each consumer’s patterns, journeys and goals. Use interactions to confirm each person’s needs, locations and timing.

Use active deliveries of products and services to fit each consumer’s needs and wants.


FAST Platform: ALIGN immediately worldwide

FAST Platform: ALIGN immediately worldwideTranslate current demand into aligned operations.

Continuous connections and real-time systems use Active Knowledge and Shared Spaces to produce continuously aligned operations.

Real-time alerts drive immediate solutions that tightly integrate vendors, suppliers and logistics.

FAST Platform: ALIGN immediately worldwide

FAST Platform: SOLVE and deliver what's needed

FAST Platform: SOLVE and deliver what's neededGrow accuracy at real-time speed.

Multi-tier connections with real-time firefighting produces immediate solutions.

Converge IoT with real-time systems and continuously connected people — both throughout the Supply Chain and the worldwide economy.

FAST Platform: SOLVE and deliver what's needed

FAST Platform: TERMINATE problems now

FAST Platform: TERMINATE problems nowReceive immediate alerts of problems or breakdowns across “Shared Spaces.”

Active Knowledge and Active Resources add “know, react and fix.”

Insure demand is fulfilled efficiently and accurately.

FAST Platform: TERMINATE problems now

The devices of 2025 will be doorways into an unlimited Digital Earth

Experience:  Step through a time machine. Imagine it’s 2025 and you help build and manage the Digital Economy 

What’s it like at the top? Leap ahead into your Virtual Supply Chain Command Center:

See real-time Connected Consumption and its gaps.

See the needed products’ locations.

Get them to customers now.

Timeline — Your Milestone Decision is arriving

Will you be the Disruptor, or get Disrupted?

Crossroads Decision:  Lead, or get disrupted and decline.

Four-stage strategic tech transformation:

Stage 1:  Solve core industry problems.
Stage 2:  Scale solutions to industry leadership.
Stage 3:  Grow ecosystem and/or consume competitors.
Stage 4:  Extend to other industries. Scale to world leadership.

An inflection point has begun. When fundamental technologies change, the leading companies change.

The old decision:  So far, some industries have been transformed. Other industries are under attack.

The Supply Chain 2025 decision:  Next a larger reshaping will take off, the Global Digital Transformation.

As this transforms the economy, a new FAST Platform will converge consumers, vendors, suppliers and logistics.

This inflection could advance the speed, scope, productivity and wealth of every person on a Digital Earth. Along with the companies that own and lead this transformation.

The win-win:  This inflection could trigger one of the largest economic expansions in history — by including everyone in the start of Universal Prosperity.

Will your company accelerate and lead the Supply Chain 2025 transformation? Or turn into one of its losers?

The four stages in Global Digital Transformation: Solve problems. Eclipse today’s leaders. Consume competitors. Scale to winner-take-all leadership.

Four stages for your company to help lead tomorrow's Digital Earth Economy

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How will your next Supply and Demand Platform take the lead?

Technology disruptions crush market leaders, and produce new winners.

The Supply Chain 2025 Platform enables a new kind of leadership:  The right products will reach the right customers quickly and accurately with “always-on coordination” that’s real-time:

  • Connected consumers own their screens.
  • Digital Boundaries add fine-grained  control of the products they display and choose.
  • Active Knowledge, Resources and Commerce multiply growth when everyone can act immediately and reach their dreams.
  • Connected consumption makes each person’s goals, steps and patterns visible.
  • Connected vendors will serve each consumer personally, flipping society’s pyramid as everyone starts rising to the top.
  • Your FAST Supply Chain Platform will race to align responsive vendors, suppliers and logistics.

The most responsive vendors and suppliers will win. They will use your FAST Supply Chain Platform to grow dramatically and lead the world economy. 

Your company will rise to the top as your FAST Platform starts delivering Universal Prosperity and Greatness for All, on a successful Digital Earth that includes everyone.

First Mover Advantages for the Supply and Demand Chain of a Digital Earth

One or a few companies are likely to dominate because of “network effects:” 
The more people who use a platform, the more valuable it becomes — and more difficult to disrupt.

That’s why starting now on your FAST Supply Chain Platform could be critical for survival.

Prepare your company to capture Supply Chain 2025 leadership:

How will your company lead the fast-arriving Digital Earth Economy?

  • Your FAST Platform will be throughout Connected Consumption, Active Knowledge and Embedded Commerce.
  • Digital Boundaries display consumers’ choices.
  • Connected Consumption creates a “visible marketplace” that shows current demand in real-time.
  • Active Knowledge “best steps” combine with Active Resources “best tools” to raise personal productivity.
  • A new “visible marketplace” identifies gaps — leading to new products that fill them, with Embedded Commerce at the “moments of need.”
  • FAST Reports and Alerts continuously surface issues, connecting everyone who needs to help fix them immediately.

Through use, your platform will grow in features, speed and value. You will be ready to take Supply Chain leadership.

Then you can scale to lead the Digital Earth Economy.

Where will you find the talent and tech for your future?
Get the FAST Supply Chain 2025 Platform and reach the future first.

Patent citation data from some of the world's leading Supply Chain companies

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This disruptive Global Transformation is named Supply Chain 2025:

With a winner-take-all Digital Economy, will your company lead this disruption by preparing to lead the future? Or will you skip it and risk everything?

  • On the demand side Connected Consumption and the “visible hand of the market” raise the accuracy of demand plans.
  • On the supply side, continuous Shared Spaces raise the speed and accuracy of vendors, suppliers, partners, logistics and distributors.
  • To raise Supply Chain performance immediate success becomes the norm:  Active Knowledge adds “next best step” guidance, while Active Resources adds the “best guided tools.” 
  • Supply Chain Actions are measured in real time, surfacing gaps and priorities for immediate improvements — by vendors, suppliers and logistics.
  • Your FAST Platform adds the “Visible Market,” showing you current consumers’ activities with gaps and new investment opportunities.

Your milestone decision:  The Global Digital Transformation is arriving. It’s time to accelerate and lead the future.

If you use the FAST Supply Chain Platform to lead the coming Digital Earth economy, you can disrupt your competitors — instead of being dominated and declining.

Your Milestone Decision:

The Global Digital Transformation is arriving. It’s time to accelerate and lead the future.

See for Expandiverse Technology and Services


Four stages to Lead a World that starts Universal Prosperity and Greatness for All

See for Expandiverse Technology and Services

Four stages for your company to lead tomorrow's Digital Earth

Familiar steps, investments and ROI:

  • Custom foresight:  See your company’s future in a custom speech that fits your goals.
  • Strategic plan:  Develop a plan, timeline and budget with workshops and other inclusive methods.
  • Lean design-testing:  Start low-cost development with small teams.
  • Field trials:  Use prototypes in field trials to solve frequent customer problems.
  • Solve major customer problems:  Develop your platform to solve key customer problems.
  • Begin ROI:  Grow your platform to lead your industry by capturing new customers during their problems.
  • Grow ROI:  Scale your industry platform to capture other industries by solving their key problems.
  • Prepare your company for the Digital Convergence of 2020-2025:  Scale your platform to lead the world.

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