Start Here: New Technology

What’s the Big Idea?

Today:  Winner-Take-All Platforms

Pivot to find traction, then scale it.


Future:  Lead a People-First Digital Earth

Life, Business, Entertainment, Everything


Digital Convergence arrives by 2020–2025

The winner-take-all Digital Economy is arriving:

Either lead your industry, then scale to help lead a people-first world. Or die.

Lead the People-First Digital Earth

When your people-first company wins, everyone wins.

How powerful will you be when you are everywhere at once, in an always on Digital Earth?

Multiply your span of control:

Your “presence” is worldwide, in multiple “Shared Planetary Life Spaces” that you control

Each “Shared Space” keeps you continuously connected to the people, tools and resources you want inside it. Digital Boundaries keep out what you don’t want, so you’re not distracted or disturbed.

Some examples of your Shared Spaces are family, projects at work, entertainment, friends and more. 

Flip between your Shared Spaces when you want. As you arrive its connections are “always on” to be used as a powerful environment.

For your privacy, your Boundaries keep each connection Active or Inactive. Inactive parts are on standby, ready for immediate use.

Everyone can achieve upward every minute. Individuals and companies gain focused speed, abilities and power.

In the continuously connected world of 2025, how will everyone reach their own greatness?

Active Knowledge, Active Resources and Active Commerce:

Personal abilities rise to humanity’s combined abilities. Personal productivity rises to the world’s highest levels.

We are wirelessly surrounded by humanity’s best knowledge and tools. But these are disconnected from how we live every minute. Start with your industry and switch to:

  • Active Knowledge: Embed your best knowledge in everything done with devices and screens. Transform employees, customers, suppliers and logistics with our platform. Then scale that to mass markets.
  • Active Resources: Switch to the best tools immediately, with guidance. Everyone in your industry can switch to the best performance and productivity. Then scale that to mass markets.
  • Active Commerce:  When a transaction is needed, Active Commerce adds an invisible, embedded channel inside a “moment of need,” connecting consumers and trusted vendors. They could make most shopping and e-commerce obsolete.
  • Private Real-time Dashboards: A new “visible hand of the market” shows advances by people, companies and the economy. Demonstrate growing numbers rising toward the top. Show market size growth as industries and people rise to new levels. Identify gaps and turn them into revenue — a clearer Partnership Capitalism than the old “invisible hand of the market.”

In 2025, how will you change your life when you control your digital reality?

Choose and control your digital world:

With Digital Boundaries people control their screens. This produces Partnership Capitalism. Customer-centered companies deliver the world people want.

When people control their screens, they will control the economy. Some will replace unhealthy food choices (obesity and disease). Others will replace fossil fuels (global warming) on their screens.

“One stop” Boundaries services can assist millions in replacing what they don’t like with what they believe in. Nonprofits can earn revenues (such as by directly connecting healthy food consumers and vendors) while helping redirect the economy to build the world people want.

Companies earn, too. Healthy living raises ROI for insurance companies, corporate wellness, and capitated healthcare. Sharing Boundaries let companies and groups deliver Quality Life Spaces, and add protection from corporate surveillance and targeting.

Partnership Capitalism will develop. Customer-centered companies will deliver the choices people want to display. Their market share will grow to lead a Partnership Economy. People will “choose” the world they want, and Capitalism will deliver new Journeys to Quality Lives.

By 2025 technology will upgrade business and the economy, making everyone a winner

Choose your own goals, and reach them:

Personal Exponential Growth helps everyone build the lives we want, whichstarts Universal Prosperity:

Tech has grown exponentially. Now it’s people’s turn to use exponential growth as they do connected tasks and steps:

  • Active Knowledge adds “best next step” guidance.
  • Active Resources adds “immediate guided switching to the best tools.”
  • Shared Spaces add being everywhere with the best resources always on.

Companies will raise performance by making their employees “the best.” They will multiply employees’ continuous presences, abilities, tools, services, productivity and achievements.

By 2025 most people will immediately “be the best” as a normal part of connected steps and tasks. They will raise worldwide productivity and achievements right now — then raise them again every day. Connected tasks and steps will be immediate global improvements by everyone, all the time.

By 2025 technology will upgrade business and the economy, making everyone a winner

Accelerate economic growth and human progress:

Start the “visible marketplace,” Capitalism’s next engine for growth and progress.

Partnership Capitalism will evolve Adam Smith’s “invisible hand of the marketplace” to the “visible choices of consumers.” On this Digital Earth, the economy turns visible.

Consumers Digital Boundaries will display only the products each person wants. “Always on” connections with their customer-centered companies show the products from the world people want to see — and block the world they don’t like.

Active Knowledge learns the gaps as it delivers personal success universally. What’s missing from what people try to achieve?

What does your company gain when your Platform reveals these gaps?

You will know the world’s new investment opportunities. Customer-centered companies in your ecosystem will grow by delivering these new consumer needs in personal, 1-to-1 connections with everyone.

Visible new desires will power rapid growth. Our personal dreams will fuel Partner Companies to deliver the worlds we want to live in.

In 2025 economic and market size growth could take off on a scale never before imagined, toward universal prosperity

The bridge from today to a successful planet:

As new devices and technologies arrive, here’s the bridge from today into the powerful Digital Earth people will want

Tech’s blizzard has just begun. Many new technologies don’t know how to cross the chasm and become part of everyone’s daily lives.

A Digital Earth is the bridge from today into the most powerful planet we have ever imagined:

  • Today — Stage 1:  Use today’s devices to deliver the Expandiverse as a DEaaS (Digital Earth as a Service).
  • Stage 2 — As VR-AR-MR (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality) arrives:  Deliver the Expandiverse on “Virtual Teleportals” — multiple screens displayed by your MR headset or VR goggles. Surround yourself with virtual Shared Spaces that replace expensive electronic devices. This new “multi-screen reality” replaces phones, wearables, tablets, laptops/PCs, TVs — and adds wall-size images. Your Digital Earths move with you everywhere.
  • Stage 3 — As VR-AR-MR develops:  Virtual Teleportals become immersive “always on” worlds you “teleport” (or navigate) between and into. Save money. Be everywhere, with everyone and everything. Do anything you want, and succeed right away.

With 2025's new abilities and boundaries, could everyone move to the top and be in control?

Global Digital Transformation to the world people want:

People’s choices create “AnthroTechTonic Shifts” at speed and scale — to the lives people want.

AnthroTechTonics: “Anthro” for people, “Tech” for technology, and “Tectonics” for the Earth-shaking changes.

AnthroTechTonic shifts will create tomorrow’s Digital Earth at speed and scale, driven by people’s choices as they Journey to high Quality Lives.

Global Digital Transformation:  Your company will eclipse competitors’ Digital Transformations, by leading the start of Universal Prosperity on a successful planet. 

Start now and position your company today. Enable planetary hyper-scaling, so your company will lead tomorrow’s Digital Earth.

By 2025 will digital identities help us expand beyond life’s limits, while increasing our privacy?

Expandiverse Vision:

  • Expand:  Exponentially expand time, space, people and planet. 
  • Universe:  Migrate to a Digital Universe of personally controlled Digital Earths. 
  • Diverse:  Start Universal Prosperity by enabling many kinds of personal exponential growth through the Expandiverse.
  • Shared:  Rapid sharing of Digital Boundaries, tools, knowledge and resources in “always on” Shared Spaces. Your company can grow to lead an AnthroTechTonic economy and world that hyper-scales its creation and delivery of Greatness — from All, for All, to All.

Breakaway strategies for your company to defeat competitors, capture your industry and lead the world

Expandiverse Speed and Result:

Start Universal Prosperity and Greatness for All on a successful Digital Earth

Expandiverse Speed:  Small investments. Large returns. A leadership role in history for you and your company.

Targeted by about 2020:

  • 1-5 years for core infrastructure/systems.
  • 3-5 years for leading companies to expand industry leadership.

Targeted by 2020-2025:

  • Scale to global mass markets.
  • Start economic and planetary leadership.

Expandiverse Result:

  • For everyone:  Start Prosperity and Greatness for All on a people-first Digital Earth.
  • For the companies that lead this:  Your company becomes the historic brand that leads your industry and the world.


Four stages to Lead a World that starts Universal Prosperity and Greatness for All

See for Expandiverse Technology and Services

Four stages for your company to lead tomorrow's Digital Earth

Familiar steps, investments and ROI:

  • Custom foresight:  See your company’s future in a custom speech that fits your goals.
  • Strategic plan:  Develop a plan, timeline and budget with workshops and other inclusive methods.
  • Lean design-testing:  Start low-cost development with small teams.
  • Field trials:  Use prototypes in field trials to solve frequent customer problems.
  • Solve major customer problems:  Develop your platform to solve key customer problems.
  • Begin ROI:  Grow your platform to lead your industry by capturing new customers during their problems.
  • Grow ROI:  Scale your industry platform to capture other industries by solving their key problems.
  • Prepare your company for the Digital Convergence of 2020-2025:  Scale your platform to lead the world.

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