Strategy Briefing: How to Get to the Top, and Lead the World

Lead the next Global Strategic Advance:

Start Planetary Success and Universal Prosperity

Table of Contents for the Strategy Briefing on this page. See each section below:

Use the Quadrant to choose your company’s future:

(1) Where we are today.
(2) Today’s digital dominants capture your industry.
(3) Your company leads your industry.
(4) Your company helps lead the world.

Choose your company’s future:

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A Winner-Take-All Digital Economy:

The New Leadership Strategy — Get to the Top and Lead the World

# Audience / Interest Strategy
1 Either Lead the World or Decline Start now so your company can Lead the World.
2 Digital Convergence “King of the Hill” is coming:  Get to the top, or go home.
3 Your Company’s Digital Transformation Overwhelming challenges: Top 10 Pain Points. Breakthroughs required.
4 Five Key Steps Where will your company find the unique Roadmap you need?
5 Timing is Everything It is either time to target World Leadership, or it will be your time to end.
6 Ride the Next Wave Centuries in development, are we pre-destined for a Journey to Greatness on a Digital Earth?

By 2025 it’s Your Digital Earth:  See it Now

# Audience / Interest Expandiverse Components
1 The coming Digital Earth Start imagining a world with many billions of successful, prosperous people.
2 In the Beginning… THE question:  Can a successful planet be designed and built now, without waiting generations?
3 A People-First Platform Your devices are turned into a family, with “Shared Planetary Life Spaces” and continuous connections.
4 It’s All About You How will you become the most powerful and successful person in the world?
5 You Control the World When you control your screens you will guide the economy, and start a new Partnership Capitalism.
6 Privacy, Safety and Security Live in a secure world, and see that it’s filled with good people everywhere.
7 A New Destination Lead a new stage of culture, history and wealth production:  Planetary success and universal prosperity.

Leadership Strategy 1. Either Lead the World or Decline

Start now, so your company can Lead the World

Could your life’s dreams and the world’s treasures be as close as your screens, no longer limited to the world’s wealthy elites?

Use these Roadmaps to help plan leadership by your company:

People are wired to understand history:  People have the natural ability to tell the stories of the past, feel them and learn from them. This was powerful when we lived in a world where 10 years ago will be the same as 10 years from now.

The Future is not an intuitive skill:  Now that new technology changes the world quickly, your future is unknown. But our innate ability to look ahead is not strong. Our view is murky. Planing is uncertain. We are wired for a stable world that has doesn’t exist today.

Today’s most valuable new skill:  You need a new skill — how to see and build your Future:

  • How will your company do business in 10 years?
  • How will you connect to markets, consumers, employees, suppliers and partners?
  • Which technologies, architecture and business processes will keep you a World Leader?
  • How should you develop them to keep your company on top?

Learn this new skill from these Roadmaps:  Each Expandiverse Roadmap below uses buildable Expandiverse Technology, making these practical choices, not opinions. Each focuses on one industry or a key area of the economy. They show you how to plan World Leadership by using new technology (Expandiverse), Digital Convergence (competition) and tomorrow’s Digital Earth (business and life).

Your new opportunity to Lead the World:  Soon you can be a thought leader who can tell the story of how your company can Lead the World. We look forward to helping you develop and build the vision, strategy and platform so your company helps Lead the World,

Leadership Strategy 2.  Digital Convergence

“King of the Hill” is coming: Get to the top, or go home.

Wealthy Future 503x375t

Everyone knows technology creates both huge wealth and the world we’re becoming.

The world’s future comes down to two questions:
Who receives the wealth that technology creates?
Who runs the world that technology creates?

Consider a new direction:
Add people-first technology so People
help a World Leading Company win.

Out-compete the world or decline

The world’s leading companies rise and fall at technology’s inflection points. The arrival of a Digital Earth forces your company to deal with two big changes:

Winner-take-all competition: A Global Digital Transformation will eclipse individual companies’ transformations. Even today’s leaders will be forced to capture Global Leadership at speed, or the world’s new scale will replace them.

Digital Convergence: Digital’s winners will capture multiple industries. Your company will be forced to win against global platforms, or be made part of them. As a follower you will give them part of every dollar you receive. But if you rise to the top, others will give you part of their revenues. The wealth and power of the World’s Leading Companies will be almost unimaginable.

World Leadership Examples: The first Expandiverse Roadmaps are below. Each provides strategy and technology for one or a few companies to become a “king of the hill” World Leader. This new era of competition will be terrifying:  Get to the top first and keep it, or go home.

Timeline:  Your company could grow an Industry Platform by about 2020. Then it can scale that to a Global Platform by about 2025. Within a decade everything will change. It’s time to begin.

We help you with each stage of this.

Leadership Strategy 3.  Your Company’s Digital Transformation

Overwhelming challenges: Top 10 Pain Points. Breakthroughs required.

About 40%–50% of today’s leading companies are forecast to be replaced within 10 years. From music to newspapers to Uber, no industry has ever gone backward once it turns digital.

Your company is no exception, and it is already happening. Gartner forecasts that 25% of all industries will have new market leaders by 2020.

Unfortunately, most leading companies cannot develop winning Digital Transformation Roadmaps independently. They are overwhelmed by challenges:

We think we’re so advanced, but we are just beginning. How will we accelerate?

1 Missing:  Strategic R&D focused on your 5-15 year future.
2 Innovations cannibalize current businesses.
3 Uncertain technology, unclear product roadmaps, rapid advances.
4 Expensive investments: “Innovation” centers and new acquisitions.
5 Limited, scarce resources to build a fully digital company.
6 Gaps in knowledge and skills.
7  Integrating “digital” with your existing company and business.
8  Executive focus on short-term quarterly reports, with limited patience.
9 Constant competition forces defense of current businesses.
10  Disruptions from new technology, products, services and business models.

Your two choices:  Either your company will lead your industry, or it will adapt to another company’s leadership.

The example of tech’s leading companies:  Tech’s leaders dodge each other’s kill shots by copying each new killer advance. That gives them parallel weapons platforms to target each other — and force your company to follow them:  Apps, app stores, cloud services, voice interfaces, AI, chatbots, VR, AR and new power platforms like the Roadmaps below.

Now look at your company:  If you already have an Industry Vision and Digital Strategy, we help you increase its power by making it people-first. If you don’t have it, we help plan and develop your industry and world leadership, by helping you lead a people-first Digital Earth now.

Your company’s Digital Transformation Roadmap:  Here’s where your company will find or add to its 5-10 year Roadmap. If you plan to follow a leader, these Roadmaps let you see how your company might fit your future leader’s ecosystem. If you plan to lead, we’re here to help you win.

Leadership Strategy 4.  Five Key Steps

Where will your company find the unique Roadmap you need?

Could the world’s biggest business opportunity be transforming the planet into a Digital Earth that helps everyone succeed?

Step 1:  Create/Identify your Industry Vision:  Every Roadmap below offers its World Leadership Vision, technology and architecture for winning the coming Digital Convergence. Use several of these Roadmaps to cherry pick your Vision and Roadmap. We help you create this.

Step 2:  Identify the technology components you will need. Each of these Roadmaps includes new tech components you can cherry pick or adapt as a platform for your Vision and World Leadership Strategy. We help your choices and design.

Step 3:  Determine your strategy. We suggest two-speeds in parallel. First keep your current business at full speed to generate resources. In parallel, use one or more lean groups that move fast, develop innovations, run design/test/build/launch/growth of your new “Digital Earth as a Service” platform. Consider Google+Alphabet as an example. We help you with each stage.

Step 4:  Choose the best approach for your company and culture — Lead/Follow, Build/Buy, Partner/Collaborate/Ecosystem. We only help part of this — we don’t focus on following — we help you lead your industry and the world.

Step 5:  To lead and change the world, plan and budget a 10-year timeline:  By 2020 operate an industry-leading platform. Starting about 2020, scale your platform to capture other industries. By 2025, target leading and managing a Digital Earth economy. We provide technology, architecture and services to help you lead your industry and change the world.

Leadership Strategy 5.  Timing is Everything

It is either time to target World Leadership, or it will be your time to end.

On a more powerful Digital Earth, could everyone succeed and reach the top of society?

The world that the tech industry builds is visible and surrounds you.

Their wealth is huge and growing.
The middle class is declining.

Inequality is rising.

How can we make this better?

How many Leaders will a Digital Economy have?

With network effects, “digital” often means winner-take-all:

A historic economic extinction has begun:  By 2027, 75% of the S&P 500 will be replaced. Up to 47% of today’s jobs will be automated. The coming decade’s Digital Transformation will cause economic extinction for both companies and jobs.

The winner-take-all prize:  Already, 70% of $300 billion in online revenues went to only 5 companies. Each leading company has its own Roadmap to own the fast-arriving winner-take-all Digital Economy:  Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft+LinkedIn, and some others. A few winners aim to capture an over-size share of the Digital Economy — an unimaginable prize.

The fate of follower companies:  If your company survives, you and your company will work for the digital winners. That’s because they will own and control the relationships with both markets and each consumer.

Your last opportunity to win? Lead a better World:  If you want your company to capture global leadership, consider leading a people-first planet — one where people’s benefits make them respond, making your platform a leader. Now is the time to seize a new technology inflection point, make the world your opportunity and take the prize:

Expandiverse Roadmaps are designed to be cherry-picked by one or a few leading companies. You can start lean and fast, then scale your people-first platform. See the Roadmaps below and on this website.

One or more of today’s leading companies could use this to lead a people-first world. Or your company could use this to surpass them.

Leadership Strategy 6.  Ride the Next Wave

Centuries in development, are we pre-destined for a Journey to Greatness on a Digital Earth?


Today’s world is headed toward an Age of Crisis.

This invention is the opposite:
Start a universally prosperous, successful and sustainable planet.

Reach for humanity’s highest and best hopes.

Your company can Lead the World. Whether you succeed completely or partly, become the brand and story everyone will talk about. Forever.

Today’s wave:  Heading over a cliff, or getting ready for take off?

We are approaching an Age of Crisis. Across advanced societies people feel the secure future they earned is disappearing. Advanced societies are evolving into barbells:  Many people are moved to the bottom while wealth is moved to the top.

Huge problems are mushrooming: Climate change, water and food threats, inequality, middle class decline, crushing debts, unaffordable mandatory college educations, government distrust, universal surveillance, mass incarceration, and political revolts that threaten the rule of elites — resulting in parallel arms races by civilians and police forces.

Our planet desperately needs positive disruption.

Can our Gordian Knot be cut? Could one or a few global companies lead us to a Digital Earth where everyone can succeed and rise to the top — in safe societies with a pleasurable economy?

Today’s timing is good — one of history’s biggest inflection points:

  • Leading companies are about to invest over $1 Trillion in their Digital Transformations during the next decade.
  • New technology is accelerating, expanding both its volume and scale.
  • Commercial tech scales worldwide, but it’s contributions are focused for broad traction, growing revenues, high margins and large company valuations.

But, if new technology focuses on a people-first goal line, could one or a few leading companies make a side bet on a Global Digital Transformation, and achieve leadership on a new kind of successful Digital Earth?

The next wave:  Centuries in development

About every 50 years a large new wave accelerates the economy and lifts it to new heights:

  1. In the early 1800‘s the early Industrial Revolution was propelled by innovations in steam power, cotton and railways.
  2. In the late 1800’s the first mass markets were enabled from electricity, mechanical engineering and distribution.
  3. In the early 1900’s the economy rose from electrification, transportation, mass manufacturing and mass marketing of new living standards.
  4. In the late 1900’s the information and communications revolutions spread participation in an advanced economy to most people in the world’s leading societies, and to many emerging economies worldwide.

Economists call these Kondratiev waves, or supercycles. About every 40 to 60 years the economy re-starts a period of high growth after an interval of relatively slow growth. Each wave begins when a critical mass of new technologies comes together, causing an economic “great surge.”

Now in the coming decade’s, we are well prepared for the next wave forward. If we are ambitious, where could we go?

  • Vision:  Start universal prosperity on a successful planet.
  • Your leadership opportunity: Be a company that helps lead the world in positive directions for everyone.
  • Components and technology:  Expandiverse Technology and its Digital Earth Architecture. See below.

Digital Earth 1.  The Coming Digital Earth

Start by imagining a world with many billions of successful, prosperous people

By 2025, could we build a positive and successful Digital Earth that works for everyone?

A new ladder to the top that includes everyone:
Without revolutions.

And without attacking those at the top.

This proposes business strategy, new technology and a buildable architecture to lead the coming Digital Economy.

This Global Technology Architecture is designed to produce a new kind of Digital Earth where everyone can become capable, powerful and effective. If that is possible, people and those corporate leaders will rise without revolutions, and without attacking those at the top.

Today’s greatness will be tomorrow’s new norm.

That comes from a Digital Earth where everyone, everywhere can achieve upward. That world’s self-motivated people will advance themselves often. Business booms, too:

  • How massive will corporate profits and revenues be from these expanding markets?
  • How colossal will the world’s economy grow as billions of people rise to the top

Clearly, the world’s biggest business opportunity could be building an advancing Digital Earth. Its leading corporations will be continuously connected with every person, assisting in “always on” daily life, and enjoy private embedded commerce channels with everyone.

What is in a Roadmap to build that? How will its Human Exponential Growth Engineering processes work? What will its Business and Society Maturity Models generate?

What is this Global Technology Architecture, that your company can use to Lead the World?

Let’s start from a simple goal line — a successful planet for everyone — and see how that Digital Earth works:

People will have the knowledge, resources and abilities to rise to the top in a Digital Earth that they control. They will change their worlds to be what they need and want, and companies will deliver that efficiently through pleasing, quality experiences.

Digital Earth 2.  In the Beginning…

THE question: Can a successful planet be designed and built now, without waiting generations?

Blog 6 - Demo - small size

This new option started in 2007 with questions: Can we envision a Global Technology Architecture where tech helps everyone succeed and prosper? Can that world be designed and built now, without waiting generations for a positive future to arrive?

Our world is increasingly full of connected screens. They’re in our hands, purses and pockets, on our desks and everywhere we want a powerful portable laptop. Our TV sets are morphing into interactive screens as they’re put online, whether with set-top boxes or streaming sticks.

We’re wirelessly surrounded by the world’s best knowledge, digital resources and growing ranges of connected “Internet of Things” sensors and devices — but they’re disconnected from what we do.

How would it change our lives if all these screens, devices, services, knowledge and resources were turned into a new kind of family of devices, with two-way digital platforms that know you, recognize you and serves you — and keeps you continuously connected with people, jobs, knowledge, services and everything accessible?

If this was a successful Digital Earth, what would normal everyday living be?

Digital Earth 3.  A People-First Platform

Your devices are turned into a family, with “Shared Planetary Life Spaces” and continuous connections

The devices of 2025 will be doorways into an unlimited personal world

You switch between multiple screens. When you leave your old screen it stores “where” and “who” you are, then turns off. Your new screen recognizes you, turns on, retrieves “where” and “who” you are, puts you “there.” It is truly automatic.

With continuous connections, all sorts of things are in front of you — with you. They could be people, services or places. They could be apps, bots, services, software or digital content (books, TV shows, movies, music, recorded videos and more). They could even be other devices and sources you control remotely.

Your digital life will always be on, always open, always yours. You’ll live in your “Shared Planetary Life Spaces.”

You use these for parts of your jobs, games, entertainment, shopping, learning or anything else. Live two-way video is as continuous as you want it, with “always on” people and events worldwide.

You combine anything into each digital “Shared Space” you want to inhabit, until you switch to a different one. Then switch again. Whether work, family, school or recreation, when you switch to a new Shared Space you instantly enter with all of it continuously connected. All of its people, resources and services are “always on” and in the “state” that you last left, so they are ready to continue where you left off.

You’re in control. Each continuous connection is active/inactive. Each person has “presence” and privacy, so you’ll know whether they’re present, want messaging, or how and when to reach them.

You multiply yourself with “presence” right now in as many Shared Spaces as you want. Each’s services, tools and resources are “instant on,” putting multiple connected worlds at your fingertips.

Digital Earth 4.  It’s All About You

How will you become the most powerful and successful person in the world

By 2025 will digital identities help us expand beyond life’s limits, while increasing our privacy?

In fact, it’s so real that your multiple “Shared Spaces” move with you across your screens, and become one of your realities. It’s the digital world you choose, where you can live. Always ready for you to use in whatever ways you want.

As your wants grow, you’ll use the network’s Active Knowledge and Active Resources. As you use screens and connected devices, every step is both a trigger and a filter. The network brings you the world’s best knowledge, with immediate connections to the best online devices, services and resources.

What’s humanity’s best online way to do your current step, with the best devices and tools? That’s what you can do, right now.

In a connected world humanity’s abilities constantly advance in each task and step. Big data and analytics constantly learns, tests and replaces the Active Knowledge delivered. This keeps everyone at the front of humanity’s combined abilities. If you’re connected, you’re at the top.

The world’s productivity no longer rises by 2% in a good year. Everyone’s productivity grows today. Then it grows again tomorrow. Everyone can surf humanity’s highest and best waves, every minute of every day.

Digital Earth 5.  You Control the World

When you control your screens you will guide the economy, and start a new “Partnership Capitalism”

By 2025 technology will upgrade business and the economy, and everyone could be a winner

Each person controls their worlds, with an Ad-Content business model that can even work for a media company

What does this Digital Earth produce? You decide the worlds you want to live in.

People have always controlled what they look at and see. The spread of Virtual and Augmented Realities shows this includes what screens display.

New Digital Boundaries give each person digital barbed wire fences and gates. You get to fence out the advertising tsunami people use ad blocking to stop. Instead of no ads, your screens display the ads and content that fit you. Companies deliver that, which focuses economic production on the worlds people want.

Popular choices could transform industries like unhealthy food (obesity and disease) and climate change (fossil fuels). As people learn what works best, they can share their Boundaries at scale, using social media to spread Quality everywhere.

When people control what’s on their screens, this starts the “visible hand of the marketplace.” Companies will deliver the worlds people want — and optimize the global Supply Chain to produce, distribute and deliver that accurately.

New advertising services and nonprofits (like children, education, health and environment) can use these Digital Boundaries to assist consumers across entire markets. By helping control displays, they will collect fees from this personalized Advertising and Content business.

When it’s normal for markets to have a kill switch on the world they don’t want to see, they fire a starter’s pistol on the worlds they want to live in.

Companies can replace expensive shotgun advertising with efficient personal marketing. Most ads will stop “selling” and start delivering pleasing personal experiences.

Marketing’s new goal will be to start “always on” customer relationships inside consumers’ Shared Spaces. They will turn these into Journeys to Quality. Customers won’t be annoyed because they will use an immediate kill switch to filter out any annoying ads.

A new Partnership Capitalism will evolve, directed by visible Digital Boundaries, and delivered by customer-centered companies. They will learn each other’s needs, enter Journeys to Quality, and build pleasing relationships.

Partnership Capitalism will use “visible markets” to surface the worlds consumers want, and produce a more efficient economy that is based on trust, satisfaction and entertainment.

Digital Earth 6.  Privacy, Safety and Security

Live in a secure world, and see that it’s filled with good people everywhere

By 2025 the future of security can be be safer lives with each person in control

Safety and security become a normal feature on a Digital Earth. People, vendors and services are recognized and known. With automated Digital Boundaries, both your online and physical Spaces have the privacy, safety and security you expect and want.

That will make it obvious that good people fill the world. It will become easy and cheap to be safer by including embedded security as a feature (bits). That will make it far less expensive for taxpayers and governments to move away from mass legal and incarceration systems (atoms), and military forces (more expensive atoms).

Digital Earth 7.  A New Destination

Lead a new stage of culture, history and wealth production: Planetary success and universal prosperity

On a Digital Earth will the future of freedom be crisis, lock-down, greatness or all of them?

Unlike today’s slow fall into an Age of Crisis, this is a buildable Global Technology Architecture. Its components can be cherry-picked and adapted to fit each company’s strategy and business.

Something new should be clear: The original vision could be started and spreading by 2025:

People will have the knowledge, resources and abilities to rise to the top in a Digital Earth that they control. They will change their worlds to be what they need and want, and companies will deliver that efficiently through pleasing, quality experiences.

A “Lead the World” timeline:  With a couple of years of lean design-testing an industry platform can be built. By about 2020 your company may lead your industry. You can then scale that to other industries and the world during 2020-2025.

By about 2025 your digital life will always be on, always open, always yours.

You’ll live in your “Shared Life Spaces” and switch between them as you move between projects at work, then to family and entertainment. An entire Digital Earth of knowledge and resources will be at your fingertips as you use Shared Spaces instantly, in your multiple “presences,” to reach for your life’s multiple goals.

You will achieve and succeed at the world’s highest levels, accessing humanity’s Active Knowledge for its abilities and advances when wanted.

Your values and decisions will be displayed on your screens. Each of your Shared Spaces will show the ads and content you choose for it. Each of your Digital Boundaries will both add safety and further your purposes — whether that is doing your job, raising kids, or adult entertainment.

Your days will be filled with Journeys to Quality, delivered by “always on” companies and services that either please you or are replaced.

Billions of us. Together. All of us succeeding as much as we choose. Building and living in worlds that we choose and want. All the time.

With everyone able to improve it, every minute. Then learn from what happens and keep improving it until we each get our worlds right.

This will start a dynamic new stage of culture, history and wealth production — the Expandiverse:

If you want a better reality, change it.