Out-perform Digital Transformations by startups and competitors

Part 1C of “The Digital Transformation Roadmap”



When company survival is at stake, who has the answer? CEO’s turn to leading IT analysts like IDC, Forrester and Gartner, and hear the same “roadmap” as their competitors.

It’s an expensive decision. $151 billion was spent in 2015 on Digital Transformation. This is forecast (11) to rise to $369B by 2020, a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 19%. IT consultants and vendors look forward to this massive spending — which fuels their revenue growth.

For example, IDC forecasts (10) these milestones in the Digital Transformation playbook:

  • 2016: 65% of large enterprises will focus on becoming information-based companies
  • 2017: Two-thirds of G2000 CEO’s will shift their strategy to Digital Transformation
  • 2017: Contextual understanding and automated next best actions will be top new investment areas
  • 2018: 20% of workers will use automated assistance to make decisions and do their jobs
  • 2018: 75% of G2000 will deploy “digital twins” of products, services and operations.
  • 2018: Immersive omni-experiences will be created for customers, partners and employees by 80% of B2C companies
  • 2020: Productivity will be doubled by 60% of the G2000 by Digital Transformation and automation

It proves the analysts right when leading companies go to their conferences, buy their analysis, and follow their insightful guidance.

Both follow the leader and group think work for IT analysts and IT vendors. They get to re-sell their “solutions” to all the companies in need. The one thing they can’t sell is a unique winning solution, because one company will win and the others will be out of business.

But with survival on the line and hundreds of billions that will be spent by digital wannabes, how will you find a unique opportunity?

Will your company become another target in the herd? Or will you find the unique opportunity to rise to the top?