How to lead the coming digital tsunami

Introduction to “The Digital Transformation Guide”



You’re not prepared to lead the coming digital tsunami — yet.

The Earth has reached the inflection point of no return: Over the next 5-10 years, hundreds of billions will be spent on Digital Transformation by people, companies, governments and the vendors who serve them.

We are not prepared. Technology appears to move so fast that nearly all companies have stopped advanced R&D. They’re missing the essential innovations and strategy for 5 to 10 years out, the future they’re about to build.

We do not have a Global Digital Transformation Roadmap. As we rapidly burn through one of the largest capital investments in history, imagine what we could produce if we knew where we were going.

We are entering history’s first opportunity to build a successful, sustainable and healthy planet. How will we reach this potential?

This decade’s Global Digital Transformation is a unique opportunity to lead the the kind of world you want — the world we all need. Don’t waste it.


Your next step: Think again

You and your organization face unprecedented problems as you go through your own Digital Transformation. What are your goals? How will you operate and prosper in the future? How will you lead in 5 years? In 2025?

It’s time for new thinking about a new option:

Think about the goal of your helping lead a successful planet. A Digital Earth 2025 Architecture could become your near-term build-out of where you are now.

Within years you could be spreading your platform to lead your industry. You can also consider helping lead a people-first Digital Earth. Then in a decade or so the world’s new norm could be greatness.

With you as an industry — and world — leader.


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