Vision Briefing — Keynote Speech: The Crisis of Success and Our Journey to Greatness

We have entered a growing “Age of Crisis.” As the world’s perils keep growing around us, how can we prevent our lives and societies from being turned upside down, in cataclysms?

This Vision Briefing is based on Dan Abelow’s keynote speech at the Axis Partner’s Conference in Brazil. (Video length: 32:14)



Come on a journey from our pre-historic ancestors, to humanity’s rise to prosperity during the Industrial Revolution. This is now producing a “Crisis of Success” as we become unquenchable. Countless billions want unlimited consumption for centuries to come, threatening the planet on which we depend, and its political stability.

Our Crisis of Success will force us on a predestined Journey to Greatness. We are about to be driven between perilous failures at every turn: We must build a Digital Earth with superior personal and global abilities.

How will this amazing future begin? What will its technology be? How will we live and work? Instead of questions, here is where you see how our generation will become one of the most important in history, as we turn toward a predestined Journey to Greatness.

This vision is clear: “A digital Earth will change how you and I interact, how we all connect and achieve more. The future of devices isn’t about devices; it is really your journey into tomorrow’s digital world — a world where everyone can reach their full potentials, and today’s greatness becomes the new world standard.”