Health 2025: A Global Medical Platform

How a Digital Earth protects and cares for us all

By 2025 Digital Health will be immediate, real-time and worldwide. Healthcare will be everywhere, surrounding everyone wirelessly, serving everyone with multiple new capabilities.

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Sense and Respond Medical Platforms

Stop epidemics and bio-terror attacks

In 2025, it is not within months, but hours or days that a digital medical system needs to detect pandemics and bio-terror attacks — and respond effectively before it spreads.

The Internet, Skype, Twitter and Facebook are like steam locomotives next to the Digital Earth rocket of 2025.

Medical expertise is at Ground Zero: Everywhere. Any time.

A new kind of digital CDC, the Centers for Health Expansions (CHE), was developed as strategic healthcare firewalls, ready to respond to disease outbreaks and bio-terror attacks instantly.

In 2025 the CHE is always on, with digital presences everywhere, ready to provide universal threat awareness, analysis and immediate protections from potential health crises and bio-terror attacks.

Real-time medical coordination, when and where needed

In 2025 new levels of instant, continuous medical coordination will be normal.

A Digital Earth’s real-time emergency coordination will expand to include first responders like the military, homeland security and 911 emergency services.

Experience emergency coordination:


Instant and effective emergency coordination is normal

Bio-contain lethal contagious diseases and bio-terror attacks

Disease containment has become a medical protocol, triggered by a medical crisis like an infectious disease or bio-terror attack.

Medical security is everywhere needed, with the right response for each threat: Medical services like paramedics of course, but also homeland security or the military.

A Global Medical Treatment Platform that Includes Everyone

Deliver digital MAS (Medicine as a Service) to everyone connected

The poor are no longer left out. In 2025 Digital Medical Centers (DMC’s) deliver medical services to everyone without facilities, through mobile phones, wearable diagnostics and instant deliveries. Freedom from preventable diseases is arriving everywhere. To everyone.

Treat and cure infectious diseases everywhere

Infectious disease alerts are triggered by monitored indicators like patient diagnoses. Digital medicine is delivered personally throughout groups with tracked results. Treatments are continuously improved by constant outcome assessments that learn the most effective protocols for each cultural and economic group.

The healthcare platform maps infectious diseases and effectively deliver treatments to patients, with guidance for those exposed to them.

Medicine in Advanced Countries:  Healthcare and Quality for All

In development:  (for the forthcoming book, Health 2025)

Turn the medical supply chain into a “responsive strategic resource,” starting with pharmaceuticals

In development for the new book, Health 2025.

Digital medical resources will respond rapidly to the world’s changing disease burdens. Medical supplies and pharmaceuticals will enjoy greater utilization and higher value, from making the Earth a healthier planet.

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The world’s supply chain and inventory of pharmaceutical drugs will be a responsive strategic resource that maximizes its use and value for curing diseases, eliminating waste/costs, and making drugs one of humanity’s most important real-time global capabilities.

Digital transformation for the advanced countries’ medical systems

In development for the new book, Health 2025.

The first-world’s medical systems will evolve responsively and provide quality care at all cost tiers. Low cost will mean quality digital services. Higher costs will mean increasing levels of human caregiving.


With continuous digital connections, patient outcomes will be known. Everyone receives quality care from continuous services that are on-the-spot, with patients, everywhere. The delivery methods, protocols and styles will match different choices for cost and human services.


Local medical care:  A pediatrics practice without walls

In development for the new book, Health 2025.

Routine identification will transform patient relationships and healthcare. You will be known and treated personally. Successful medical providers will please their patients on-the-spot, all the time. Continuous connections will usher in medical practices that raise all patients’ health.

By 2025 technology will upgrade business and the economy, and everyone could be a winner

Consider a pediatrician who cares for children. In her Shared Life Space health monitoring is continuous, services are always connected, and the right information and products are immediately provided. Always on relationships outperform fragmented vendors of separate over-the-counter products, drugs, health information and other medical providers. Its business scope expands from medicine to wellness and commerce.

Medical sales in a continuously connected economy

In development for the new book, Health 2025.

You won’t need to schedule a meeting for next Tuesday, then fly or drive there through traffic while hoping the right people show up. Instead, you and others will work together instantly, everywhere, far more effectively.

By 2025 technology will upgrade business and the economy, and everyone could be a winner

Suppose you’re talking to a new prospect from another country who wants to see an MRI installation. You immediately “take” him digitally to MRI facilities in several countries, chat with their directors and specialists, “tour” their installations and learn their management priorities and results. Your prospect immediately experiences exemplary facilities thousands of miles apart, and personally sees how well your company delivers world-class MRI. This minute, today.