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Part 3 of “The Digital Transformation Roadmap”

Scale and deliver your transformations from their source to your tech centers, development teams, and developers worldwide — so your investments produce business outcomes:



Problem – Pain point

Capture and distribute your advances to your development teams

How will your Digital Transformation leap to the front? Here are a few of the examples that illustrate incredible advantages from Expandiverse Technology and Digital Earth 2025 Architecture:

  • Global Supply Chain: A real-time global economy responds efficiently and accurately to billions of “always on” people.
  • Real-time online living and working: Communications and apps evolve into multiple “Shared Life Spaces.” Add a Digital Earth without needing VR (Virtual Reality) gear or VR’s slow adoption cycle.
  • Continuous healthcare: Numerous advances include a healthcare firewall that protects against disease outbreaks in real time.
  • Continuous education and productivity: Today’s “static knowledge” is turned into “Active Knowledge” that amplifies your abilities. Everyone receives the world’s best ways to succeed — including instant online access to the best digital tools to increase productivity. (Exceeds information advantages from AR—Augmented Reality).
  • Experiential entertainment: The world’s treasures include everyone, not just elites. This evening would you like to carnival in Rio, party at a club on Ibiza, or do yoga during sunrise on Anse Royale beach in the Seychelles?

Create your own innovations, or cherry pick the Expandiverse

Where will innovations take your company, and how will you create and choose them? Expandiverse Technology and Digital Earth 2025 Architecture offers unique inflection points where your company’s Digital Transformation can leap ahead of the competition:

  • LIVING / BUSINESS:  Daily living and business operations turn “always on” and real-time with global presence — like physical reality except digital reality is a worldwide personal experience.
    • Companies will be continuously connected to their markets, suppliers and each customer.
    • Blended screens add many of the benefits of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) without needing new gear and a long adoption cycle.
    • Digital boundaries replace ads and content that aren’t liked with those that are wanted. From climate changing fossil fuels to the weight benefits of healthy eating, each person directs their “world.”
    • When people control their screens, the interface becomes the world’s most valuable real estate.
    • People’s choices drive “Partnership Capitalism” that includes personally directed ad tech (on the demand side) and a real-time global supply chain (on the supply side) to fulfill our personal goals.
  • TECHNOLOGY:  Communications and apps evolve into multiple “Shared Life Spaces.”
    • Messaging, collaboration, live video and more blend into always on connections. You are everywhere you want to be.
    • You control interruptions and tracking with inactive/active states, digital boundaries, identities and privacy levels.
    • Customer-centered companies will be the ones invited in always on Shared Life Spaces. There, customers and companies will enjoy positive relationships together.
  • EDUCATION / LIFELONG LEARNING:  Active Knowledge finds you based on what you do with connected screens and billions of Internet of Things devices — instead of today’s “static knowledge” that you have to find.
    • Active Knowledge turns the Internet of Things into the Internet of You:  You see the IoT around you, what you can do with it, and how to use it directly and instantly.
    • You’re stuck so Active Knowledge (AK) appears and shows you the best way to succeed.
    • Active Knowledge is self-optimizing, improving constantly based on what works – so everyone gets the most effective guidance.
    • AK Dashboards show how well this works for you, for products/services, for groups like companies, and for societies. Gaps are visible, showing the biggest available leaps forward.
  • HEALTH:  Healthcare learns from everyone and delivers personal guidance.
    • Typical ailments can be diagnosed, monitored and guided by the best known protocols – with dynamic personalization based on use and outcomes.
    • Societal healthcare includes a firewall that guards against disease outbreaks in real-time.
  • ENTERTAINMENT:  Worldwide personal adventures and lifestyles that include your favorite stories and characters.
    • Construct digital realities that are close to, or far from, the way you live.
    • Train as a Jedi then live as one, or attend Hogwarts (with JK Rowling’s permission) – the school for everyone who wants a magical life.
    • The world’s treasures include everyone, not just the elite. This evening would you like to carnival in Rio, party at a club on Ibiza, or enjoy the sunrise on Fiji?
  • INTELLIGENT AI:  If the Singularity arrives (AI’s gain independent intelligence), Active Knowledge keeps everyone informed about each new advance as quickly as it develops — so each person can decide whether to use it or not.
    • Each person can continue their own human exponential growth through personal resources like Active Knowledge and Shared Life Spaces — AI advances are added to the new options they already receive.
    • Everyone will also have the Expandiverse’s other ways to protect themselves — like Digital Boundaries, privacy levels and identities.
    • No one needs to be coerced to “follow” an intelligent AI because culture will be personally determined — people will have parallel Digital Earths, their Shared Life Spaces, large numbers of constructed digital realities and real-time global entertainments.
    • With the Expandiverse, humanity will be ready to include, adopt the parts wanted, or remain separate from the new intelligent AI’s.


Image credit:  Dan Abelow / Expandiverse Technology

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