How to get Future Ready Now

How are you getting “future ready” as multiple changes accelerate?

Tech’s personal and business transformations are now spreading into populism, changed governments and societal-level policies.

Because tech now alters everything, is there an alternate strategy for the best use of technology, other than today’s “corporation-first” winner-take-all model?

Examples of the "Corporation-First" Winner-Take-All Tech Model

When the dominant companies build out their winner-take-all world, will this “corporation-first” model produce a dystopian society that is shaped like an hourglass?

Is "the system" broken?

Imagine our world if some leading companies start expanding with a “people-first” tech model

To see a people-first Digital Earth, start here

How can “people-first” technology make a difference that attracts some leading companies?

Imagine a “Big Flip” of history’s pyramid. How? Every connected task and step includes humanity’s combined knowledge and resources, with guidance to rapid personal success.

Everyone can try it in always-on Shared Life Spaces. These include Digital Boundaries for privacy, and digital protections that enable the ways people choose to live.

Shared Spaces also include always on relationships with trusted companies. With embedded commerce, individuals and people-first companies can bypass the products, retail and e-commerce channels they dislike — a new Partnership Capitalism that chooses and builds the world people want.

The result: Everyone can live in the world they choose, where they can succeed. A new Digital Earth helps everyone rise toward the top. The “Big Flip” changes life for everyone who wants it, by starting Prosperity and Greatness for All.

New Expandiverse Technology: What’s the “Big Idea?”

What’s the big surprise? A Global Digital Transformation will eclipse each company’s digital strategy.

New Expandiverse Technology is now arriving to help leading companies build Digital Earth 2025. They will lead by driving Prosperity and Greatness for All on a successful planet.

Expandiverse Technology: Over 500 Patent Citations within months

Companies can now consider a strategic two-speed expansion where they can change everything:

  • Keep your company’s focus on a “Corporation-First” model: Keep your strengths, but don’t limit your company to a single Digital Transformation.
  • Expand with the disruption of becoming a “People-First Leader”: Raise the human capital of your industry and the world by using Expandiverse Technology. Start by making your industry people-first. Scale this by adding people-first to global mass markets, and Lead the World.

Online resources include the first Roadmaps to build and lead a People-First Digital Earth.

Six Roadmaps to build a People-First Digital Earth

Expandiverse technology and services include driving innovations in projects for companies that want to lead a Digital Earth

Implementation includes familiar steps and ROI:

  • Custom foresights
  • Strategic plans
  • Lean design-testing
  • Prototypes with field trials: Iterate, solve customer problems
  • Begin ROI with lead adopters: Scale to major customer problems
  • Platform ROI: Capture new customers during problems to grow market share and industry leadership
  • Consume competitors and extend into other industries
  • Use Digital Convergence to scale into world leadership

See an example: Accelerate growth and prosperity through leading the world’s Supply Chain

Expandiverse business model: Technology and services as a product

  • Stage 1: Assist leading companies with platforms and transformations.
  • Stage 2: Assist those companies with resources and services for their partners and ecosystems.
  • Optional: Put part or all of this IP in the public domain. Provide assistance for everyone to build a Digital Earth rapidly.

A Digital Transformation Roadmap for your company to lead your industry and scale to global leadership

Expandiverse Mission: Universal Prosperity and Greatness for All on a Successful Digital Earth

Three of its tech drivers are embedded: Active Knowledge, Active Resources and Active Commerce

  • Embed knowledge, tools and commerce inside daily life and business: Optional parts of connected tasks and activities.
  • Start Personal Exponential Growth: Start in your industry, then scale it. Parallel electricity’s early spread from giant motors to small motors inside everything. Today, spread exponential digital growth from giant data centers to each person.
  • Start Personal Success Engineering: Add the new professional skill of systematically designing connected activities to include humanity’s best knowledge, best tools and commerce as embedded services.
  • Start Partnership Capitalism as a new competitive advantage: Add “always on” relationships between people who can now reach their dreams, and continuously connected leading companies that enable them.

Partnership Capitalism: The Internet’s next business model


Today is the first stage in being crushed by a deluge of industry-capturing technology:

  • 85% of every new dollar spent in online advertising was taken by Google and Facebook in Q1 of 2016.
  • The world’s largest media company creates no content — Facebook
  • The world’s largest merchant owns no inventory — Alibaba
  • The world’s largest mobile software vendor doesn’t write most apps — Google
  • The world’s largest taxi company owns no cars — Uber
  • The world’s largest hotel chain owns no property — Airbnb
  • The world’s largest phone company owns no telco infrastructure — Skype
  • The world’s largest movie house owns no cinemas — Netflix

Use the Expandiverse to be People-First and capture the Customers.

Want to be “future ready?” First, start before it’s too late.

Second, expand by adding disruptive people-first leadership:

  • By 2020: Operate one or more industry-focused people-first platforms.
  • By 2025: Scale to global mass markets. Start Universal Personal Growth with two new world leaders  —  your company and everyone, with a new two-way “always on” relationship to build a successful world together.

Eight online Briefings: Begin with Business, Vision and Strategy