How is this different from the Internet? (2:08 length)

INTERVIEWER: Is this different than the Internet? You envision this as not just the Internet on steroids. How is this different from a technology standpoint?

DAN ABELOW: Yes, this is very different from the Internet.

The Internet is based on what we think a network was when we began networking.

We came into it like any new technology. We made is seem like what was old, and what we knew. We thought that the Internet was a faster and bigger telephone network. It lets us make a phone call. Makes us connect somewhere and then when we are done, we hang up and we end the phone call.

The Internet as we use it today is like the early light bulb with on-off switches. We connect to a website, we leave it. We connect to a banking service, we exit it and log out. We make a Skype call to somebody halfway around the world and then we hang up.

It’s all on-off, on-off.

What this is is an entire design space above the Internet which is continuous. It’s the equivalent of what happened in the generations after the light bulb, when we realized we can electrify everything and we can move out to the suburbs.

We don’t have to live in cities anymore. We can live wherever we want and as long as we’ve got electricity we can live a 24×7 lifestyle, and we can be connected in lots of new ways.

This is the move from an Internet that’s an on-off on-off medium to a completely continuous digital reality that, I think, stands next to physical reality.

Because until now, we have always had only one world which is the physical world.

What this is the beginning of, is the first step into a continuous digital world that stands next to physical reality.