Entertainment and Daily Living: Live in the worlds you want

Entertainment has evolved since 16th century theater through novels, movies, radio, television, the Internet, electronic games, streaming video and multiplayer online games.

As we become a digital world what will be the next media for entertainment and living? We’re merging tech and entertainment, real and digital, and screens and living. Next the whole world will be yours, with your every desire turned into entertainment.


By 2025, will tomorrow’s new entertainment media make the whole world yours?


It had been a day when the ground shifted under you. At your morning Shared Spaces meeting your proposal received the go-ahead. A fully digital supply chain was approved. Then the afternoon’s rising sea level floods across Europe put that project on steroids. The need for a fully Digital Earth had arrived. Your biggest problem will be building it fast enough. Fortunately tech could move quickly, so you were confident you’d get there in the 4 to 6 years it would take.

But you were definitely ready for a night off.

Your wife had planned the perfect teleportal double date. The two of you would teleportal to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, where you’ll party with a sexy South African couple.

By 2025, will tomorrow’s new entertainment media make the whole world yours?


Gadgets are the beginning and digital never ends

There’s Carnival in Rio? Gosh, would you love to experience that?

How about sitting in on a class at MIT this morning? Then catch a “live” musical in London? Late afternoon, would you like to attend a press conference by the President at the White House in Washington, DC? Then have a drink to discuss it with your European friends in a beer hall in Munich, after they also “see” the President? Then spend the evening at Carnival in Rio?

You don’t have time to live in airports and planes while you zip back and forth between Boston, London, Washington, Munich and Rio. You don’t have money to travel and physically experience the world’s great events, or its remarkable pleasures every day.

But all this changes with an Expandiverse. Teleportals are digital devices that allow others to participate with you, and switch the background “locations” to shared places, events and content. This turns into more than communications. It’s a way to attend any event from business to education to entertainment. Whether you go to business meetings anywhere in the world, an Ivy League school’s classes or a rock band’s concerts, the world’s treasures are yours.

What will your normal, everyday life become? How will it feel in a world where everyone can live everywhere, experience everything and actually mature into a “know it all?”

As technology advances we’re rapidly improving:

  • The quality of our screens
  • The cameras that turn places and people into high quality images on our screens
  • The microphones and speakers that increasingly sound like real life
  • The CPU’s that merge them together into a perfectly blended “digital reality” for us to experience, with optional parallax viewing so the image we’re viewing moves as we move around in front of our screens
  • The many sizes of screens and speaker systems we can choose to feel like we’re “there.”

We’re changing our experience from today’s little screens that show a flat image of a talking head. The remote world will be in front of you so that it doesn’t feel remote. You’ll feel like you’re there, like you’re looking through your screens and you’re at the place you want to be, separated by only a piece of glass.

Over the coming decades we’re going to move into a world where we feel like we’re living everywhere. Without needing to spend days flying there, or money to pay for flights, hotels and rental cars.



Image credits: Shutterstock.