Entertainment architecture: Your doors to the world’s best lives

The Expandiverse includes a “Worldwide Digital Events Architecture” — the technical systems to make global digital living normal today — without needing an expensive Virtual Reality setup. You’re instantly everywhere that appeals to you. You flip between them using personal notification systems, event directories, event search engines, heat maps and other tools. And you’re present in multiple Shared Spaces, which can instantly put you at the world’s best events.


By 2025, will tomorrow’s new entertainment media make the whole world yours?


It’s the architecture: Your gadgets are just doors into a large digital life

At any moment you can say, “What’s available to me right now? I want to do something exciting, experience something special.”

Worldwide digital living and events will become daily, not occasional experiences. They’re an industry that provides a way to live that can be run and marketed with business systems — whether it’s how you do parts of your job, free, ticketed, subscribed, membership, shared, traded, birthday gifts or through any other relationship.

Monetization will make it attractive for venues to make themselves “Expandiverse friendly” with the appropriate remote teleportals so large numbers of people can connect there. Remote teleportals are broadcast and connection points so people can connect and share the experience with other people in that place. Even bars and restaurants will want to be destinations in tomorrow’s digital world, so everyone can know and enjoy them.

When you are “at” a digital event, imagine if you could focus on only certain audience members and exclude others. For example, you could be “with” the ones who participate in one or more of your Shared Planetary Life Spaces. They could be family members. They could be business colleagues. They could be someone very interesting, that you met in a bar the other night — a real life one or a digital one. She might be called Sheila. And she might actually be Richard.

Naturally, companies could also provide personalized digital experiences for customers or employees as an incentive. Conferences and trainers could hold digital seminars for professionals worldwide. Which would be lovely, especially if they included “live” entertainment for those who might be “present.” But “live” entertainment may itself have an entirely different definition. No, not like today, where singers who dance while they sing are only lip synching. “Live” entertainment, thanks to Expandiverse technologies, may have far more dimensions and far more believability. Or unbelievability, when that’s what you want.

Until now, we’ve only lived in a local physical world where we’re restricted to experiencing what’s here and now.

There is an entire digital lifestyle possible where you get to experience the best of everything in the world as a normal part of your life. You don’t need weeks on vacation to travel to India or China, or expensive flights to go on a remote safari in Africa. Instead of needing days to visit relatives on a holiday, or attend the Pope’s Easter Sunday appearance in St. Peter’s square, you can think about, “I want to see the most amazing thing in the world this minute” — and it’s yours.

The Expandiverse is the shift to everyone becoming a global person who is digitally able to be part of the whole world, and live everywhere.

The world’s treasures, whether real or imagined, will be everyone’s. This won’t just be a world for elites any more.


Image credit: Shutterstock.