Entertainment 2025: The Whole World is Yours

On the cusp of a new Entertainment Media

Entertainment has evolved many times since 16th century live theater. As we become a Digital Earth we’re merging tech and entertainment with real and digital. Next the whole world will be yours, with your every desire turned into entertainment.

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A new entertainment media is born…

What do I want right now?

The world’s treasures are no longer restricted to a few wealthy elites.

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Daily living when life is entertainment, and entertainment becomes life

When entertainment has both fun and meaning

Stories, explorations and travel experiences  are our way of understanding and getting emotionally closer to human truths. Many of us may find global digital lives far more fascinating than a single local physical one. The magnitude of change might rival some of the entertainment industry’s greatest transitions.

Identity and Reality:  How far will you take digital entertainment?

The future of Identity

Yesterday’s world gives us just one short lifetime with only one identity. But when society’s favorite 4-letter word is to scream “MORE!” why limit yourself? On a Digital Earth, defeat death, expand privacy, and outgrow yesterday’s limits with multiple exciting global lives.

The future of Reality

Control shifts to us on a Digital Earth. We can control our digital realities, and use that to opt INTO the worlds we want, as opposed to being desperate — as sometimes it seems now — to opt out of the one where most cannot rise. We will choose who and where we really want to be, and discover the many kinds of greatness in all of us.

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