Education 2025: Everyone Learns — Everyone Rises

Lifelong learning will become greatness for all

If learning is a path to greatness, one path to Universal Lifelong Learning adds “Active Knowledge” as a network service. This future education service is part of everyday living, like web browsing or e-commerce.

As a business disruption, Active Knowledge opportunities include replacing much of search with information that finds you. It could also replace retail shopping with an invisible, embedded sales channel inside everything we do with screens.

As a societal advance, Active Knowledge offers everyone the opportunity to rise to the top of humanity’s latest and best knowledge. Rather than falling behind as our formal schooling is made obsolete, Active Knowledge keeps everyone at the leading edge — producing a world where greatness is normal, regardless of each person’s economic class or education level.

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What does education do? With Active Knowledge, everyone can rise

One way to pay for Active Knowledge:  Invisible, embedded e-commerce

Embedded commerce will help us switch to what’s best. This 1-to-1 marketing channel skips search, eliminates ads and bypasses retail. When our needs are known, “always on” solutions will be brought to us every day, constantly helping everyone rise.

Other payment methods, such as a pro-active “IoT Support,” add to existing business processes. Invisible, embedded commerce, however, adds a new level of continuous advances inside everything digital. For everyone connected, worldwide.

Interview:  How can we build a world where everyone can be a winner?

Interviewer:  You’ve talked about how this will change the way people learn, the way learning will be universal throughout society, and the way we will all learn together. What does this  look like compared to how we learn and succeed today?

Interviewer:  We were talking about Active Knowledge and that it works almost like GPS. It sort of learns on its own. In a sense, is there an intelligence that’s built in, that is deducing from our actions?

Interviewer:  This sounds like Just-In-Time Manufacturing where the parts are there just when you need them. Does the Active Knowledge present itself in an active manner as you’re engaged with life, as you’re doing, to support your performance?

Interviewer:  We talked about how people will receive the best knowledge, the best practices and the latest innovations. But learning has the notion of failing forward, that some of our best learning comes from making lots of mistakes. Does Active Knowledge end that?

Human Development:  Will Artificial Intelligence defeat people? Or will people rise?

The step from “locked up” to unlimited

As the Singularity nears what’s more important? That Artificial Intelligence eclipses the human brain and turns most of the middle class into poorly employed “meatware”?

Or will we build a planet where everyone can rise to their full potentials — and together we develop a new world culture and economy without limits?

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