Commerce 2025 Roadmap: If the World’s Leading Platform were Amazon’s, Walmart’s or Alibaba’s


Will all commerce be ruled by one company?

E-commerce will grow until it merges with commerce and becomes the dominant omnichannel. Here’s a Roadmap for the leader of that transformation.

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Components:  Expandiverse components can be cherry-picked to fit a company’s strategy and business. Some components and outcomes are below, including:

# Audience / Interest Expandiverse Components
1 Ecommerce Roadmap for world leadership New technology will enable world leadership. Here’s a Roadmap and two components.
2 Logistics and Supply Chain Platform Expandiverse Shared Spaces move consumers, vendors and logistics to its real-time Digital Earth.
3 Ecommerce everywhere Continuously connected consumers and their families of devices.
4 Active Knowledge and Resources The best knowledge finds you, along with access to the best tools and resources.
5 New Internet business model With Digital Boundaries and blended screens, enjoy Customer Journeys to quality relationships.
6 Devices and User Presences Devices become families: Multiple presences, continuous connections and a shortcut.
7 Include Entertainment As ecommerce companies add entertainment, the Expandiverse adds the next entertainment media.
8 Ecommerce world leadership Lead the planet to accelerating growth, success and advances. With a virtual shortcut.
9 Expandiverse Technology and IP Over 1,000 patent citations indicate the arrival of a new technology cluster.

Dan Abelow presents a possible Amazon World Leadership Roadmap to The Conference Board’s Enterprise Digital Transformation Council

Dan Abelow, inventor of the Expandiverse, presents a possible Amazon World Leadership Roadmap to The Conference Board’s Enterprise Digital Transformation Council in New York.

1.  Ecommerce Roadmap for World Leadership

New technology will enable world leadership. Here’s a Roadmap and two components.

A possible Amazon World Leadership Roadmap:
Manage global Supply & Demand

(Length:  0:53)

First presented at The Conference Board’s Enterprise Digital Transformation Council, Amazon’s roadmap could be to manage a growing part of the world’s supply and demand chains. The key step is developing “always on” connections to customers, vendors and logistics.

First, customers will start at Amazon and buy from Amazon without using search or any other vendors. Second, vendors use a direct online step to add their products to Amazon.

Then vendors go online to tell Amazon logistics where to pick up their products. Amazon can ship them around the world, and Amazon can deliver them to customers. Logistics is a possible new $500 billion dollar business for Amazon.

Once Amazon manages supply and demand, companies will either join Amazon or decline.

Two of the enabling Expandiverse components:
Shared Spaces and Digital Boundaries

(Length:  1:52)

One Shared Space is a set of always on connections with one thing that you’re doing, like an important project you’re heading up at your company. A Shared Space includes all the people, online resources, services, systems and tools that you use in that project. When you turn to it, everything is already connected and in the state that you’re using it — so if it’s an online service, it’s on the task that you’re doing.

You will have multiple Shared Spaces, and you will flip between them. When you flip to each Shared Space it is already open and focused, so you don’t have to load its parts. You just use it right away.

With Digital Boundaries, you won’t be overwhelmed. Some of the boundaries include active-inactive, public-private-secret, presence-availability, and filters-priorities.

2.  Supply Chain and Logistics Platform

An Expandiverse Digital Earth adds new Supply Chain Platform opportunities.

Expandiverse Shared Spaces move consumers, vendors and logistics to its real-time Digital Earth

Increase Supply Chains efficiency and accuracy through always on “visible markets” served by “always on Supply Chains”

Continuously Connected Global Platform

(Length:  2:27)

You’ve used platforms for years. Now, a new kind of Expandiverse platform can provide a continuously connected global supply chain. This will produce the real-time global economy that we will need in our huge and fast-growing world.

On the supply side a company can continuously connect manufacturing, shipping and distribution to get the right products to the right sellers when their customers need them.

On the demand side, customers can be continuously connected so their needs are known and met right away.

As we grow a global supply chain that’s 2 to 3 times larger, we will solve supply chain problems immediately, and reach new levels of economic performance.

The Supply Chain in Shared Planetary Spaces

(Length:  2:19)

On a Digital Earth, everyone in a global supply chain will experience it in a new way. All the parts of a supply chain will enjoy continuous connections in Expandiverse Shared Spaces.

As each participant does each step, supply chain managers can evaluate the progress. They can coordinate in real time with each participant, and with those who receive what they do.

With new continuous connections in always on Shared Spaces, global supply chains will become more accurate and effective.

Projected Example of a Future Supply Chain

(Length:  4:14)

In this illustration, Just In Time Manufacturing must solve parts shortages that cause line stoppages. In the future, pre-configured Shared Spaces will have virtual teams of First Responders who each uses their own Shared Spaces to solve each problem as soon as it is discovered.

As the Supply Chain operates we will learn the steps where business processes and employees succeed and fail while they are working. Projected improvements include

  • Fitting market demand by using “always on” relationships with customers.
  • Aligning data worldwide with suppliers, logistics and retailers.
  • Fixing problems in minutes and hours, instead of in one to three weeks.
  • Locating what is needed anywhere in a supply chain, as soon as the need for it is discovered.

The economy becomes one digital process, with everyone in it

More than a third of the world economy is the supply chain from raw materials through manufacturing and logistics. Expandiverse Shared Spaces add the ability to work together instantly across customers, vendors and suppliers. The world economy’s efficiency and accuracy are transformed by turning continuous and digital.

3.  Ecommerce everywhere

Continuously connected consumers and their families of devices.

“Multiplied presences” consumers and employees

Each person will be digitally “present” everywhere he or she wants to be.

Multi-Screen Families of Devices

In 2025 devices and screens are connected families. Every device converges interacting, communications, live video, the Internet, entertainment and more into a continuous digital reality architecture that spans all of your devices. You are simultaneously present everywhere you want to be, as you move from device to device, location to location, and time to time.

4.  Active Knowledge and Active Resources:

An invisible, embedded e-commerce channel inside tasks and steps, for universal success.

Stop fearing AI and start building Human IA — Intelligence Amplification

Today, everyone is wirelessly surrounded by the world’s best knowledge. But it’s disconnected from what we do on our digital devices and services. Active Knowledge turns the steps we do into triggers, and can deliver the “next best step” in a task, or the “short path” to rapid success in a “customer journey.”

This isn’t education or critical thinking. It’s direct IA — Intelligence Amplification.

Consider leading companies everywhere. Will they want employees who are at the 50% or 60% level, or will they want all their employees to rise above 80%? Then consider becoming the best at what’s important to you. Which will prove more powerful in your life:  Corporate AI, or Human IA?

How high could you rise? How quickly?
Will greatness be the new normal?

(Length:  3:09)

How will Active Knowledge help people and please customers? In today’s products and services, only 1 out of 4 customers is in the top quarter of performers. But 2 out of 4 users perform at the 50% level and below.

But in an IA future, with Intelligence Amplification, could everyone rise and be “above average?”

Human Exponential Growth:
How far can you go?

(Length:  2:06)

Today’s deluge of new technologies, new products and added features constantly challenge users.

As we turn into a digital world, Active Knowledge will help “what’s new” succeed — by helping people leap ahead rapidly.

The power won’t be in the technology, products or services. It will be in every person, by how much IA lets them do during use.

Could everyone become fast and successful?

(Length:  3:57)

Interviewer: You’ve talked about how this will change the way people learn, the way learning will be universal throughout society, and the way we will all learn together. What does this look like compared to how we learn and succeed today?

Can Amazon connect continuously with everyone?

(Length: 1:45)

Interviewer: How could a company like Amazon build a channel inside of everyone’s tasks and steps, all day, every day?

5.  The Internet’s next business model

With Digital Boundaries and blended screens, enjoy Customer Journeys to quality relationships

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality show that “blended screens” have arrived

When users control what displays on their screens, they will rule the digital world. If a company fails to please you, you can wipe it off your screens. With your finger on a new digital kill switch, businesses will dedicate themselves to you. Companies will work to please everyone all the time. Expandiverse Digital Boundaries will usher in a world where everyone can win.

Consumers Control a Digital Earth

(Length:  4:09)

People have always controlled what they look at. Next, Digital Boundaries will automate your control over what you display on your screens, and what you keep off of them.

The world’s most valuable real estate will become your user-controlled interface on all your screens.

First, you will display the world you want, the world you believe in.

Second, you can replace today’s targeted advertising tsunami with the ads and content that you choose.

Third, when you control your screens, you will help shape tomorrow’s digital economy and the world it builds.

Your results from Digital Boundaries? Companies will serve you. They will make your life — and the world — better. They will serve you and fit your choices, instead of you serving them.

Consumers Command the Digital Economy

(Length:  6:18)

People already use ad blocking to stop ads from appearing on their screens. When Expandiverse Digital Boundaries let you choose which ads and content you display, the world you see will be the world you believe in. This strengthens the companies and values you want, and diminishes the companies you banish.

People changed entire industries when they took control of music and news. Next, you can help transform unhealthy food (obesity and disease) and global warming (fossil fuels). Expandiverse Digital Boundaries are a kill switch on the world you don’t want, and a green light for the world you want to help develop.

Digital Boundaries can be run automatically for millions by advertising services. They can also be managed by nonprofits whose goals people want to strengthen by living in the world they work to build, and sharing the advertising revenues from redirecting the economy.

Because you choose the ads and content displayed, responsive companies will connect directly to you and deliver the “high quality experiences” you expect. When you display the world you believe in, your choices will change the world.

6.  Devices:  The bridge from today to a Digital Earth

Devices become families. Users gain multiple presences and continuous connections. With a virtual shortcut.

Your “Presence” is multiplied across your devices. From today though Virtual Reality…

The Expandiverse changes “presence” from the physical world’s limited “one person/one place.”

This Digital Earth moves you to the top everywhere in the world. You are the focus of its services:

  • You are recognized and served across your family of devices.
  • You have multiple continuous presences everywhere you want to be.
  • Your digital worlds follow you and serve you as you move from screen to screen, place to place, and time to time.
  • Your personal Digital Boundaries filter and prioritize the content and ads you need to meet the information needs of each of your presences.

What’s the shortcut to a Digital Earth?  A virtual device from the future serves everyone, everywhere

Today’s devices could be turned into doorways into tomorrow’s Digital Earth. An Expandiverse “Virtual Teleportal” can deliver a Digital Earth to everyone’s smart devices, and move them to the front. No forklift is needed to replace today’s electronics.

7.  Include Entertainment

As ecommerce companies add entertainment, the Expandiverse adds the next entertainment media.

Enjoy your lives. All of them.

Entertainment has evolved since 16th century theater through novels, movies, radio, television, the Internet, electronic games, streaming video and multiplayer online games. Now companies like Amazon make it a service, like in Amazon Prime.

What will the next entertainment media as we become a Digital Earth? We’re merging tech and entertainment, real and digital, and screens and living. Next the whole world will be yours, with your every desire turned into entertainment.

8.  Ecommerce World Leadership

Lead the planet to accelerating growth, success and advances. With a virtual shortcut.

Invent new technology and change the world

For the last two centuries,  new technologies and businesses have been consciously invented to change the world. Amazon and Alibaba are two of today’s best examples of these abilities.

The world’s companies are about to spend over $1 trillion on Digital Transformations during the next decade. The big surprise will be Global Digital Transformation, which will supersede company transformations.

Amazon is well positioned to lead this fast-arriving Global Transformation. Amazon’s combined e-commerce and AWS platforms could enable DEaaS — “Digital Earth as a Service.” Thousands of companies and millions of people could enter, do business  and live digitally — all day, every day.

With cloud services, though, either Alibaba or Amazon could provide the operating infrastructure and embedded ecommerce platform for a Digital Earth — a world that will be more powerful and successful than today’s physical world.

World Economic Leadership:  The new “visible hand of the market”

(Length:  3:46)

Take a large step forward from Adam Smith’s “invisible hand of the market,” which he introduced in The Wealth of Nations in 1776.

The Expandiverse adds Exponential Growth Engineering, the first “visible hand of the market:”

  • As tasks and steps are done, both successes and gaps are visible. These drive big data and analytics.
  • Gaps are prioritized economically, with real-time design-testing turning them into advanced products and services.
  • The new, proven products and services are delivered personally by Active Knowledge, to those who face that need.
  • This happens during the moment when they do the task and step, when their need is strongest and benefits are both largest and immediate.

This new Expandiverse system produces Exponential Human Growth for both people and companies. On a Digital Earth, progress will be created and delivered to everyone, continuously raising the planet to new levels of achievement.

Increase revenues by turning industries digital,
and earn revenues from them

(Length:  8:38)

Across the economy, most industries, customers and relationships have not turned digital yet. If an Expandiverse platform could do that in one step, a lot of Digital Transformations can be skipped, while everyone advances rapidly.

Who could use a one-step “Digital Earth as a Service” (DEaaS), with embedded commerce?

  • Numerous industries, professional services and local businesses
  • Smart cities, schools, public services and health care
  • Entertainment, travel and more
  • Their customers, employees, suppliers and partners

Here’s a possible timeline:

  • 2016-2017:  Planning, architecture and lean design-testing
  • 2018-2020:  Develop, refine and scale a focused platform
  • 2020-2025:  Mass-market roll outs and global scaling
  • By 2025:  A worldwide Digital Earth that can deliver universal success and continuous advances

Will Amazon or Alibaba be its leader?

9.  Expandiverse Technology and IP

Over 450 early patent citations indicate the arrival of a new technology cluster.

Leading indicator of a “new technology cluster”

From “Prediction of Emerging Technologies Based on Analysis of the U.S. Patent Citation Network,” published in the journal Scientometrics:
“We present a conceptual framework and a computational algorithm for studying the process of technological evolution and making predictions about it by mining the patent citation network… Our methodology seeks to detect incipient technological trends reflected in the citation network and thus to predict their emergence.”

It would be interesting to see the results from this data:

  • Over 400 patent citations have been received by 4 months after the first Expandiverse patent issued.
  • Over 85 patent citations are from from 8 of the 10 largest technology companies in the world.
  • Bill Gates cited this in 8 of his new patents.
  • This compares to an average patent receiving 3 to 6 citations during its lifetime.
  • This technology currently averages almost one new patent citation per day — and its IP will be in force until 2031.


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