Direct and responsive help for your company

INTERVIEWER: How does it look for me as the head of innovation of my company in terms of accessing the technology? What’s your role in helping us, helping my company roll this out?

DAN ABELOW: This really has a couple of aspects and the most important thing is the company that’s interested: What is their business? What are their needs? What are their goals? Where are they trying to get to, and by when?

It’s not about what we’re trying to do. It’s about what the company is trying to do and how it wants to get there.

What is it that you are trying to accomplish? How do you want to do that? When do you want to do that? What kinds of needs do you see and how can this help you? Then let’s sit down and start working.

From the very first meeting, let’s just roll up those sleeves. Let’s go to work. Get out the whiteboard and start laying it out and start turning it into plans and procedures. By the time we finish the first hour, we should be on the way.