Your Company’s Digital Transformation Roadmap

Your Company's Digital Transformation Roadmap

Expand Your Digital Disruption, then Scale It

Leave the slow road of incremental innovation to others. Go directly from A to Z with this Digital Transformation Roadmap:

First disrupt and lead your industry. Second, scale your platform to lead the world.

The big surprises will be Global Digital Transformation, with Human Exponential Growth. Why disrupt only your industry when you can re-open everyone’s future, and lead a successful planet?

Use the Quadrant to choose your company’s future:

(1) Where we are today.
(2) Today’s digital dominants capture your industry.
(3) Your company leads your industry.
(4) Your company helps lead the world.

Choose your company’s future:

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Your company’s Digital Transformation Roadmap

Two incentives to lead:  First, survive. Then win.

Digital competition is winner-take-all:  The pain from digital defeat is catastrophic failure. The pleasure from digital victory is leadership.

The world is already digitally colonized by Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple and others. Your company has already lost. Even if you win in your niche, dominant companies can block your growth as you try to develop industry or world digital leadership.

But now you have a new technology lever:  With the Expandiverse you can lead your industry, and help lead the world.

Two strategies and new technology for your company to accelerate and out-perform

Replace extinction with industry and world leadership

Here is the two-speed strategy, new technology and plan: Your company can take leadership of your industry, then scale it to help transform the world’s people and economy.

Make this your growing and succeeding Digital Earth. In a winner-take-all Digital Economy, to the victors goes the world.

First Strategy:  Defeat Digital Disruption

(Length:  5:05)

It’s begun:  An economic extinction of companies and jobs. Every two weeks, on average, a company falls off the S&P 500. By 2025, half of today’s leading companies will be new.

How will your company survive and prosper? This first strategy is how to survive and get the resources to become a digital leader.

Second Strategy:  Lead a Digital Earth

(Length: 13:18)

This second strategy adds a digital acceleration initiative next to your main business. This starts small and lean, focused on developing your leadership. Using new Expandiverse Technology, this shows you how to become a leader in your industry.

Your digital advances will help your company and customers rise to the top, with you as a leader of a more capable Digital Earth.