Enjoy multiple lives, with both privacy and freedom

By 2025 will digital identities help us expand beyond life’s limits, while increasing our privacy?

You know how a growing number of governments monitor everyone and everything they do digitally? Well, they are and new laws to limit governments won’t help — governments secretly do whatever they believe is right, and tell us whatever they think we want to hear. We may be the last generation that actually experiences digital privacy, and for us that’s already a memory.

So why stay limited to just one totally monitored public identity? In fact, Expandiverse boundaries let you set each identity to public, private or secret. Each of these privacy levels changes your online visibility, what’s revealed or not, its encryption, and more.

As you switch identities the ease or difficulty of monitoring you changes with both your identity and its privacy boundaries. How will government record everything you do if it’s also trying to keep up with who you are? You’re switching as often as you like.

Your identities also don’t have to be subject to one particular location. You might be physically in Asia, but operate as four different people in eight different Shared Planetary Life Spaces, none of which are totally inside any one country. It’s like being a citizen (several citizens) of the world.

You could have a public with a global company, a physical relationship where you live, be a private digital adventure traveler with friends on several continents, and a secret digital journalist who covers the world’s latest hot spots.

Millions of people already hold dual citizenship with passports from two countries. If we add digital citizenship, dual citizenship could become quite normal. Since countries have control over only their citizens and their physical geography, then all law becomes local. Life becomes like living in a dry county where you can’t drink alcohol — until you drive to the next county where it’s legal for bars to stay open until 2 AM.

But each government also gets what it wants. Expandiverse identities protect each country’s legal framework so it remains whatever a government decides to enforce:

  • Tax reporting: Each multiple identity may be required to share it’s owner’s one government identifier such as a Social Security Number (SSN), or alternatively, each identity may be given a separate number such as its own SSN or tax ID number (like each legal entity receives, such as a personal trust or a personally owned company).
  • Privacy boundaries: Each private or secret identity may be required to be visibly linked back to a person’s public identities to protect against immorality, law breaking, fraud, and other damaging behaviors.
  • Law enforcement: Each person’s public, private and secret identities might be connected in a directory accessible only to legal authorities — so they can conduct investigations, serve subpoenas or make arrests if needed.

It’s a win-win. Laws and morals stay in place while you benefit from greater freedom and personal latitude to explore a wider range of life’s opportunities and adventures. Just choose your identities, locations and worlds. Then enlarge them as you grow from worldwide experiences, becoming your unlimited best selves rather than being limited to one societally controlled identity.

Defeating death from one short life, increasing your privacy and expanding your lives and worlds — that might become popular as the Earth turns into one digital room with everyone in it. You choose the identities you enjoy, live the legal ways you want, and create your selves.



Image credit: Shutterstock.