Life expansion: How many identities for each of us?

By 2025 will digital identities help us expand beyond life’s limits, while increasing our privacy?

You know when gray-haired people mutter that life is too short? Well, it is and as much as we want it, medical research won’t change that. Life extension won’t be possible for our generation. We will die when our DNA says it’s our time.

So why just live one short life? You’re no longer limited to only one life and identity in the Expandiverse. Why not pursue more lives as different people with as many different needs, likes and desires as you want to experience?

Life expansion is now possible.

Some would say Charlie Sheen has managed this quite well. However, why shouldn’t you have the opportunity as well? In the Expandiverse, you can be several different people with several different sources of income. And did we mention several different pets, homes and friends. (digitally speaking, of course.) Imagine if your work persona had an entirely different identity from your golf-playing persona. Or your guitar-playing persona. Or your partying persona. Especially your partying persona.

You’ve always been restricted to one identity. Into a social role, a limited self. That seems like an obvious norm from the single physical world we’ve always had.

But what if your digital life expanded to several lives? What if you had multiple identities, each of which you control, in each of which you could live as much as you choose?

Impossible? Not if you take control of your own identities and each one’s Shared Planetary Life Spaces. Not if you decide which Life Spaces each of “you” participates in (and which you won’t). Not if you have Expandiverse technology at your fingertips.

Why should your digital business lives, personal lives and family lives have to overlap? Why can’t digital boundaries keep them separate? Why can’t you share one life space with business colleagues, and a totally different and separate planetary life space with your immediate and extended family?

We all move into and out of activities that include people who have certain aspects like ours, or are merely people with whom we’d like to commune and communicate for a while. On a digital planet our chosen groups will be right-sized by us, and evolve with new connections. Why should geography, income or place of birth limit us and our opportunities?

What if you could get up every morning, survey your world and decide that sugar-blasted breakfasts, fresh-faced celebrities, ice hockey and game shows no longer had a place in it? Oh, baby, baby, baby.

What if the technology was in your hands to participate in the local and global entities you want whenever you see fit and for however long they make you (or at least one of your identities) happy?

The choices will be yours. Use them wisely. For each “you” that you choose to be.



Image credit: Shutterstock.