How much “self-control” will you want on a Digital Earth?

By 2025 will digital identities help us expand beyond life’s limits, while increasing our privacy?


In the Expandiverse your relationship with technology could change drastically. In fact, tech could change your relationship with reality (without any counseling).

As digital becomes our way of life, you will gain more power to control your realities. Wouldn’t it be much more interesting if digital technologies reflect the ways you want to live, and your best selves?

With Expandiverse Technology your life could, in the not too distant future, be constructed and lived under your own digital rules. As you turn it into many simultaneous lives each can have locations, goals, shared spaces, friends, income, worldwide presence, knowing resources, and privacy boundaries to include what you like and exclude what holds you back.

This way, we might just improve ourselves a little quicker. We can find out more about what really makes us feel good or successful. Or even fully alive.

Then share that with those who want those advances too, and exclude those who disagree. Discover if you’re happier when you get to live multiple ways that keep bringing you the experiences that help you grow into who you’d really like to be.

So, please, wander in, take a seat, pull out your life’s dreams and think about having larger lives and worlds than you ever imagined you’d experience.

You might wonder, how far will it all go? How much — and in what ways — could your “self-control” develop over the coming years and decades?

And how would we develop together if we could all become people who could make our dreams come true?


Image credit: Shutterstock.