Next steps: Digital growth without cannibalizing existing businesses

Advancing technology drives digital growth and disruptive changes. The Expandiverse adds the advanced R&D most companies are missing. It makes your company the disruptor, and positions you as a leader of your tele-everything industry — and the world that’s arriving quickly. Working together fits the Expandiverse’s goal — to be implemented at a global level, which is beyond a startup.




The Expandiverse’s goal is to be implemented at a global level, which is larger than a startup that looks for traction in one focused business.

Now that even the biggest ecosystems are threatened by new technology, every leader must leap ahead or risk being toppled by new advances.

Expandiverse services help industry-leading companies with new technology, platforms and strategies for retaining industry leadership, or world leadership — even if that means taking it away from the biggest ecosystems.

In life cycle and speed order, Expandiverse services include:

  • Strategic Foresight: See your company’s journey through the next decade brought to life right now, using strategic foresight.
  • Detailed Leadership Strategy: Turn Expandiverse Technology into a detailed strategic plan including goals for each business unit, timelines, product roadmap, services roadmap, budget and other plans that fit your business processes.
  • Advise / Direct Assistance with Design and Development: Accelerate your company’s management and development teams by working directly with designers and development teams.
  • Outsource Development: With system development and expert partners, develop and build Expandiverse platforms, products and services to address your digital business needs.
  • Partner: Expandiverse partners with a company and works inside its teams.

This offers the opportunities for leading companies to start lean and focused, then develop and run an Expandiverse platform for industry or world leadership.

With APIs and SDKs, each platform could serve its own company, produce revenue from other companies that use it, and reveal an industry’s needs and gaps to prioritize investments. Multiple Expandiverse platforms could work together with a common API standard, delivering a real-time bridge to a successful Digital Earth so large numbers of companies could use your company’s platform to prosper, and people can thrive.


Expandiverse Technology scales to fit your company

The Expandiverse was explicitly designed for for focusing your company on leading your industry or the world. But this new technology is also useful for cherry-picking individual advances in your products and services:

  • To fit your strategy: From a side bet to a core development program.
  • To fit your goals: From individual product and service advances to accelerating global economic growth.
  • To fit your Digital Transformation time line: From 1 to 10 years.
  • To fit your desired impact: From cherry-picked advantages to a Digital Earth that stands next to today’s physical world.

Due to the exponential growth of technology, experts forecast the decline of up to half of today’s leading companies, and up to 47% of jobs.

Instead, the Expandiverse is designed to start human exponential growth as a more powerful way to live online as all of humanity moves into one digital room.

Optimistically, this could flip society’s pyramid so most people and companies can rise to the top — without revolutions, and without taking from those at the top. If everyone could rise, might that grow the economy so that 5 billion or 7 billion could reach the middle class? This might start universal prosperity on a real-time Digital Earth, with markets and profits wealthier than today’s best forecasts.

For the first time, a winner-take-all digital economy can mean your company starts leading an industry or world where all people, companies and societies can win.

When winner-take-all means everyone wins, you’ll be in the Expandiverse.