Virtual Portals: Fast Transition into a Digital Earth (2:49 video)

INTERVIEWER: Technology companies may be interested in this. There is gap from where they are today. It is almost as though someone invented a new car that has great tires and everything but is made for asphalt roads but all we have is dirt roads and gravel and we know that we are going to build a highway system at some point. How does a company begin to see how they can make that transition from an investment standpoint and also a product standpoint?


DAN ABELOW: The transition is already happening. As we use more and more screens, as we use our devices for more and more apps, we know that we are turning to this emerging digital reality more. Companies know that as well.

So therefore you to see all kinds of hybrid devices; it’s not just phones or tablets, it’s phablets. The same thing is happening to laptops. Are we going to need laptops or is the tablet going to transition and emerge and takeover that space?

So there is a convergence. Operating systems are beginning to move into those directions and companies see this coming, in the sense that they’re already being pushed by the market, by what users want.

I just want to turn to my device and be able to do what I need to and when I go to my next device, I would like them to talk together, work together. I don’t want to have to figure everything out and be within the limits of each little space and, “Oh, I do that here but not here.”

There is a good example in television. Until a certain point in the evolution of devices, every device had to have a TV tuner. But now, kids are using laptops to watch TV shows and laptops have no tuners in them, but they are watching enormous amount of TV on laptops and tablets. Those do not have tuners.

The point is that the processing and the storage have become dissociated from the device.

So moving into an Expandiverse, you need two things. You need a back-end that does what an Expandiverse does and you need a front-end client. Part of the Expandiverse is a Virtual Teleportal that will run on existing devices.

Once you have that, everybody with existing devices, if it can support a Virtual Teleportal just like a laptop can support the ability to run a TV show without a tuner, you now have the ability to bring teleportaling and the Expandiverse to everybody from the back-end.

Then, as people move in to it, as the features and functions become part of what they do, you have the ability to then sell more devices or build teleportal features and functions as features into existing devices and make that transition forward.