How to Solve Supply Chain Problems Immediately

Image - Line Stop Solution

Too often today’s breakdowns are dealt with using a whiteboard list of key people and their phone numbers, to call when there’s a problem.

This Use Case describes a disruptive Expandiverse Technology environment for a real-time task force response, literally at the push of a virtual  team’s button that triggers a multi-channel digital response across a supply chain. It includes:

  • Readiness to solve the unpredictable breakdowns that occur during daily operations.
  • Pre-deployment of Shared Spaces that include “continuously connected” people, data, tools, locations, Active Knowledge and more — all of them ready to be Focused in a single step.
  • Shared Spaces that provide “always on” connections that can be Activated (Focused) individually or as a group, so that people can work together immediately, with any combination of people, data, locations and resources needed.
  • A Presence System that indicates the availability of any person or item in a Shared Space for immediate Focusing (Activation). With continuous connections, Focusing is immediate, as if you were in the same room and turned to each other.
  • A pervasive network of Shared Spaces with each person’s unique set based on his or her individual projects, scope of responsibilities, span of control and individual choices.
  • The ability to immediately add any item from another Shared Space, whenever an immediate real-time addition is needed.
  • The combined power of multiple Shared Spaces working toward a single goal in real-time, as in this example with separate Shared Spaces from plant management, procurement, logistics and maintenance.
  • The integration of best practice protocols in the form of Active Knowledge, providing real-time interactive guidance, enabling everyone to perform at a high level immediately.

The result could be organization and employee enhancement beyond what competitors can achieve and deliver. The cost of this advance (see “Project Summary”) will certainly be paid by the ROI from solving a Supply Chain’s gaps and breakdowns.

The opportunity to reach a new level of performance that outcompetes others at a speed and scale sufficient to produce a “winner take all” industry.