AnthroTechtonics: How People will Change the World (video: 2:11)

INTERVIEWER: What is AnthroTechtonics? Will the world change people, or will people change the world?

DAN ABELOW: AnthroTechtonics is really simple. It’s a marriage between Anthro, people, and Techtonics, which is large changes in the world, happening rapidly or over a period of time. But meaningful, substantial changes in the way the world works.

The reason it’s a marriage of Anthro and Techtonics is because the changes are driven by people. It’s not that the changes cause change in people.

People are the drivers of AnthroTechtonics.

What it really means is that we are about to go into a period of large shifts when people are digitally connected.

People will make choices that become visible. They are going to change the way the world works.

People are already behaving in different ways as a result of seeing how the world of digital connections changes the environment in which they choose to live.

In fact, people are using screens so much that there are plenty of people who sleep with their cell phone, their smartphone next to them and wake up with it in the morning.

So people will change the way the world works, the tools that that are used and the companies that lead and drive the world.

As a result, I call that AntroTechtonics. Because when these changes happen, I think in general, they are going to be large.

They will happen sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly. If you look at Twitter, it didn’t exist a few years ago. It’s everywhere now.

These changes will change the kinds of media, the kinds of ways that we relate, and the ways that we live.

They’ll happen as a result of what people choose.