An Economy where everyone can work worldwide

Supply Chain Container Ship

Amita Kanoor used her screens as “teleportals” that took her instantly everywhere on Earth. As a Human Resources manager for a global company, she used the large screen on her left to post the company’s open jobs all over the world. The screen on her right showed filtered and ranked applicants for the posted jobs. She hired for the new normal economy, where people go to work worldwide.

In the center, her favorite screen was over-sized. There she instantly connected with the best applicants live, life-size and in 3D parallax appearance — as if they actually sat together.

Amita was based in Bangalore, India, but her job interviews took her worldwide, at all times of the day and night. Her interviews were friendly and genuine. As each applicant spoke everything they said was analyzed, retrieved and auto-validated next to them on Amita’s screen, in real-time from the best sources. If there was a question about any item, Active Knowledge displayed it along with the approved script for discussing it.

She was talking with a great applicant for an Asian logistics/shipping analyst’s job, Bianca Estrague, from Buenos Aires. For a moment she “Unfocused” Bianca and “Activated” a live connection with the hiring manager, Alfredo Montoya, who was in Barcelona, Spain.

“Want to talk to an award winning math whiz who’s perfect for your logistics analyst job?” Amita asked.

Alfredo skimmed Bianca’s profile which Amita had put on his screen. “She’ll be running ships and trucks in circles around Asia and the Pacific. She’s done this twice before,” he said. “Blend me into your Shared Space with Bianca.”

On his display alone Alfredo kept Bianca’s resume displayed. When introduced, he asked her, “How well do you know the different Asian countries?”

Bianca said, ”Digital travel is my biggest hobby. Let me show you.”

Bianca turned to her personal Shared Space, brought in her personal video album and blended it into the company’s Human Resources Shared Space.

“I’ll add you to my video album for the next week, so you can check it out,” Bianca said. “You’ll see my videos from spending time digitally with my friends in almost every country in the world. I’m in Asia all the time. I live more, digitally, everywhere than I do at home.”

Alfredo nodded with a smile. In a flash he blended their meeting into a new background location, a live view of the port of Los Angeles, one of Alfredo’s favorite ports even though he’s in Spain.

Alfredo asked Bianca to give them a live tour of Los Angeles shipping. Since Bianca had previously used the port of Los Angeles’s Management Shared Space she accessed it. The port’s Shared Space biometrically recognized Bianca and told her she isn’t a currently authorized private participant, but it allowed her public access. Bianca used the port’s Shared Space to display the port’s public management system, blending it into an upper corner of their view. Then she flipped their background location to a gantry crane that was unloading a container ship, then to a storage yard where containers are being loaded on trucks. Since Bianca knew the management system syncs to locations, she pointed out how its data changed to show what’s happening as they moved to each part of the port.


Supply Chain Shipping Port

Alfredo then asked Bianca to take them on a live tour of her favorite Asian shipping ports, which she did in a clever way. Bianca used her public access to each port’s Management Shared Space so they could see she’s recognized biometrically all over Asia. Bianca then entered each port through its Shared Space and switched their background locations to multiple live views inside each port. She used the live local views to point out each port’s local problems and transport issues. For each port scheduling issue she used optional Active Knowledge, which displayed local guidance to deal with each kind of local problem.

Alfredo used his display alone to simultaneously display information that confirmed what Bianca told them. He checked. Each time she accessed Active Knowledge, she would have solved that local problem immediately.

Through sentiment analysis, both Alfredo and Amita saw that Bianca enjoyed her local mastery in each port, and she truly felt at home throughout Asia’s logistics hubs.

In a back channel Alfredo gave Amita the thumbs up, then said good-bye while Amita stayed to hire Bianca as a logistics analyst on his team.

When Bianca accepted the job offer, Amita put her through the company’s biometric scans. This captured Bianca’s biometric data for future recognition.

Bianca started her job a week later. She was biometrically recognized as a member of dozens of company logistics Shared Spaces. These were used to manage the company’s Asian logistics and supply chain operations. Bianca worked in real-time with numerous colleagues in each Shared Space. She started by helping schedule shipments but quickly started using Active Knowledge to solve some of their biggest problems all over Asia. When changes were implemented she often tracked them in the Shared Spaces of ports, logistics companies and distributors – using Active Knowledge to work “in person” and in real-time with people, systems, locations and live data worldwide.

Bianca stayed Active or Inactive as needed, in all their logistics Shared Spaces all the time. She focused the people, systems and digital resources she needed between them. At the same time, others accessed Bianca when they needed her, and focused her into their Shared Spaces to help when they needed her.

As Bianca went through the day, each of her devices biometrically recognized when she was present or absent in front of it. As Bianca switched from device to device, location to location, and time to time during the day, she was recognized and her Shared Spaces stayed with her, keeping the world’s ports and the company’s local systems continuously at her fingertips, as her devices changed during the day. Whenever there was a problem Active Knowledge was always available to display the guidance needed.

When Bianca was absent the Shared Spaces automatically stored their configuration for when she returned, so she could continue doing what she was doing before she left.

In addition, when Bianca was not present each Shared Space was dynamically used and changed by others. When Bianca was Active again, if she wanted she could immediately update a Shared Space to show its current state, including changes made by others while she was Inactive.

Bianca had found a job she loved, working every day with lots of smart and interesting people who, like her, worked everywhere.


Image credits: VideoBlocks.