Always on Journeys to Quality Relationships: Continuous, simple and personal

You’ll rule tomorrow’s digital world. if a company fails to please you, you can wipe it off all your screens. With your finger on the kill switch, businesses will dedicate themselves to you. Routine identification will transform customer relationships and commerce. You will be known and treated well in your Journeys to Quality Relationships.

The most successful businesses will please everyone all the time. New tech will usher in a world where everyone wins.


By 2025 technology will upgrade business and the economy, and everyone could be a winner


Your life will be better in tomorrow’s digital world. Everything will center on you and your every need. Business will serve you with unbelievable dedication and focus.

After all, you will have control over your screens and paywalls so you can banish every company that doesn’t meet your standards. If a company or organization fails to please you, you can block it and wipe its ads, communications and existence off your screens.

The finger on the kill switch will be yours, so you’ll rule tomorrow’s digital world. Successful businesses will reinvent themselves as personal, immediate and pleasing — serving everyone, everywhere, all the time.

Routine identification will trigger an evolution in commerce and customer relationships: Boundary systems will identify individuals and retrieve their data so each person can be treated personally. This will trigger major business opportunities — continuously connected Journeys to Quality Relationships between businesses, customers, prospects, employees, suppliers, partners and others.

Let’s dive into that world.


By 2025 technology will upgrade business and the economy, and everyone could be a winner


The consumer’s world: Personal service with smiles

Example: It’s dinner time on Friday and the kids want McDonald’s Happy Meals(TM). Simply drive to the McDonald’s pickup window where you’re greeted by name and have the the kids’ dinners handed to you the way they like it — then drive away without having to stop to pay for it.

How would that happen? Your family’s Shared Life Space includes a continuous connection to McDonalds, so you “focus” them on one of your screens. Its dinner time so your McDonalds focused display puts your usual dinner order at the top of your personal connection. You tell it kids’ meals only, in 10 minutes. While you drive to McDonald’s your location is tracked. As you reach the pickup window your identity is confirmed by video recognition. You’re welcomed by name with a smile and your order is handed to you. You simply take your food and drive away, with your transaction and automated payment validated with video/audio recording. Your relationship is personal, with even the amount and type of conversation matching your style.

Changes: Future companies will redesign themselves as totally customer-centered. That will mean treating billions of customers worldwide in personal friendships. Some of the coming advances:

  • Identify and recognize everyone by name both online and in person.
  • Personalize menus to match each customer.
  • Remain connected with customers online so orders can be placed while going to restaurants or instantly, when there is a need.
  • Track customers so pre-ordered food can be fresh and handed to customers as they walk in or drive up.
  • Greet each customer in their language with their preferred conversational style.
  • Charge the customer automatically when their food is handed to them.
  • Fix glitches and continuously improve each person’s unique process.

In a digital world food becomes friendship, service becomes a smile, and everyone’s experiences become ideal — making relationships personal and great everywhere.

Others change, too: Similarly, you’re known and served personally everywhere. Hotels can greet you by name at the front door and hand you your room key without needing to stand in line and register. Whenever you want to go somewhere you can focus in the closest available cars and taxis so you always have personal transportation. You enjoy a personal world that serves you, for anything you want.

Tomorrow’s commerce: It will be normal to be greeted by name, with each company’s subsequent interaction fitting you better. The products and services you want will be personal, prepared and ready for you. Businesses you designate can auto-charge you so you don’t need to stop to pay. Tomorrow’s leading companies will compete by knowing you and serving you perfectly.

A personally pleasing world: Every company will try to give everyone totally pleasing service. They’ll know their customers can switch to a more responsive competitor instantly, as soon as they slip up. You will live in a “you-centered” world. A world where you win!


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