Business 2025: The Always-on Global Economy

A Digital Earth Economy Moves People to the Top

By 2025 a Digital Economy will start delivering the world’s best know-how, resources and opportunities to everyone connected. Society’s pyramid will start flipping upside down when everyone receives humanity’s combined capabilities, and everyone becomes able to move to the top.

For corporations, markets will multiply in size, and growth will accelerate to “AnthroTechtonic” speeds as universal prosperity becomes possible for the first time in history.

Expandiverse Technology and Digital Earth 2025 Architecture

Continuously Connected Customers and Markets

Direct and continuous

Continuous connections transform customer-vendor relationships. First, the customer decides when and why to have the relationship. Second, the relationship is invisible, private, and beyond the reach of competing mass media. Third, the customer is paid for it.

Everyone starts winning when a Digital Earth upgrades the economy

You’ll rule tomorrow’s digital world. If a company fails to please you, you can wipe it off all your screens. With your finger on the kill switch, businesses will dedicate themselves to you. Companies will please everyone all the time. New tech will usher in a world where everyone wins.

Global Supply Chain and Manufacturing:  Real-time Efficiency and Accuracy

The economy becomes one digital process, with everyone in it

More than one-third of the world’s economy is the supply chain from raw materials through manufacturing and logistics. A continuously connected digital economy will add the ability to work together instantly across customers, vendors and suppliers. The world economy becomes a real-time supply chain. Economic efficiency and accuracy are transformed by turning continuous and digital.

Worldwide Businesses Operations and Competition

A Digital Earth’s “new normal:”  Accurate, real-time and global

In 2025 business operates digitally in radically more efficient and effective ways. Continuously “on” connections across the real-time economy produces and delivers the right products, services and resources to everyone, everywhere, immediately.

Impact:  History’s First Opportunity to Start Universal Prosperity

What if business and people improve all the time? Could economic and market size growth accelerate to a scale never before imagined, producing the start of universal prosperity?

The Growth Opportunity:  Evolve Now, Before Your Company is Obsolete and Killed

Four Ways to Take the Lead

New technology is transforming your products, services and customers. Here’s some of the new ways to anticipate the future and take a shot at capturing the lead.

Can a Shortcut Capture the World?

Today’s devices could be turned into doorways into tomorrow’s Digital Earth. A Virtual Teleportal can deliver a Digital Earth to everyone’s devices, and keep them in front, regardless of brand or price. No forklift needed to replace today’s electronics.

Three More Strategies

From the many opportunities in all parts of a Digital Earth, here are three thought-provoking opportunities.

Leadership:  Starting a new idea, that a successful world can be built today

Where’s our wealthy future from our advanced economy and technology?

Many no longer believe today’s leaders can or will deliver prosperous societies that benefit everyone.

What if a Digital Earth’s tech expanded everyone’s abilities and helped us all reach for our dreams in powerful new ways? That Digital Earth will multiply markets and profits when every customer can have a successful life. Who will win that accelerating future? Everyone.

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