3.2.5 By 2025 devices provide continuous digital reality (2:09 length)

INTERVIEWER: Can you give me some examples of the kinds of technological innovations you’ve outlined in your IP that could lead to entire new product lines?

DAN ABELOW: There are a number of different and new product lines that are in the Expandiverse.

Probably the most obvious one and simplest one to explain is the product of the digital window. Through all of its systems, subsystems and capabilities I’ve renamed it the Teleportal.

A Teleportal can be fixed on a wall, on a screen on a desk, in a picture frame that sits on a counter and is near you, in a tablet type of device, in a cell phone, in glasses like Google Glasses.

A Teleportal is really the capability of being able to connect with other people instantaneously in continuous connections.

There’s an entire architecture for Teleportals so that its continuous reality moves from screen to screen as you change screens.

It’s very similar to your walking up to a building and the door opens for you. You don’t have to do anything. You go through the door and it closes behind you.

Right now, with the Expandiverse and multiple screens you pick up a screen, it recognizes you and brings back your continuous reality. Then when you put it down and move to a different screen — or a different screen — it changes your reality.

So just like when you walk through a door into another physical room, when you turn to a different screen it’s there already.