Your devices will have no limits. Neither will you.

Imagine a you-centered digital world of the future. It recognizes and follows you from device to device. Your continuous connections fit you and assist you — including tools, resources, media, places and people.

Active Knowledge moves you to the top of the pyramid by making you knowing, and Active Resources makes you powerful. The full Digital Earth’s resources and abilities are at your fingertips. And everyone’s. Immediately, every minute of every day.


Chapter 1.4: Your Devices Will Have No Limits. Neither Will You.
Whether you’re young or old there’s one thing you know: Your future is digital.

Our smart phones, tablets and other screens are with us constantly. We move from screen to screen as everything revolves around how quickly they do our bidding, how well they meet our needs.

We can’t imagine living without digital.

But we’re still just individuals with devices. Doing tasks, playing games and going from app to app.

The devices industry is evolving into a commodity business. The leaders are similar in hardware, features, software, apps, app stores, services, and bandwidth (or phone service plans).

It doesn’t matter whether you use Apple, Android or Windows. History will say they’re in the same generation, at a parallel stage. Whether you use a smart phone, tablet, Laptop/PC, game box, connected TV or another device, they’re generally separate silos, using the cloud to work together.

How far can today’s devices really take us?

Wrong question. Ask if a fully Digital World were possible today, how far would we take our devices?

Suppose there were powerful competitive advantages available for companies who also make their devices doorways to the future?

What if we could compete on time as well as features – with the future competing against the present?

The next market shift could come from using our devices as doorways into tomorrow’s Digital World.
The devices of 2025 will be doorways into an unlimited personal world


If you think digital is cool today, you don’t know the meaning of cool

Step through a time machine. Imagine we’ve built tomorrow’s Digital World.

You live in the Expandiverse, which is new technology and IP for building tomorrow’s digital world.

It’s a “you-centered” Digital World where your screens recognize you and turn on and off automagically. Your world follows you from screen to screen.

Just like you walk into a room and everything is there, your screens make your digital world local. You have instant access to your people, services, places, tools and resources.

You enjoy digital boundaries for privacy, and have both digital and physical protection. In fact, your digital world has grown more powerful and safer than the physical world.

You’re at the top of your world, at its center, in control.


Image credits: Shutterstock.