Rising above our limits: How far can we go?


An Age of Crisis is coming. To deal with it, can we reach our full potentials before it arrives?


Can technology remove today’s ceilings?

This is just in time because we’ve discovered a second astounding secret. We’re the people who must overcome today’s “Crises of Success.”

We’re the people who create these crises. We’re the people pushing the Earth to its breaking point. Asking us to fix ourselves could be more of a comedy than a hero’s journey!

Unless we don’t have to give up our problems. Unless there’s a new way to outgrow our impacts.

It’s not enough for 200 or 2,000 people to work on a problem. What happens to a problem when 2 million or 20 million people work on it? What happens when solutions are automatically delivered as optional Active Knowledge to 200 million or 2 billion people? What happens when the metrics from our resulting actions are gathered, reported, and optimized so the strongest successes rise to the top of the Active Knowledge that’s delivered next? What happens when the best results are continuously measured, and better solutions are continuously surfaced and distributed in an advancing global wave?

With Expandiverse Technology, everyone connected can help create and receive the world’s best knowledge so they can perform at higher levels, regardless of their education level.

It’s a new kind of lever. Technology that helps everyone, gives us new ways to interact, to solve problems, to get ahead. To enjoy life in an increasingly successful world.

The Expandiverse has a new word for this evolution — AnthroTechtonics: “Anthro” for people, “tech” for technology, and “tectonics” for shifts large enough move the Earth.

As we gain new kinds of continuous connections and interact, we will connect many new pieces and solve the next great puzzles. We will decide how our pieces fit together, and what our future can be. We will decide what to apply, and we will see if it works or not — and if we want to share so others can use it.

Stop thinking about our limits. Start wondering what we can do.

Until now, the world’s Crisis of Success have been impossible to solve. Current thinking takes us deeper. New technology didn’t exist. But as today’s world turns digital, we can start using this new technology to interact and advance with new speed, scope and skills.

Instead of this taking decades, Expandiverse Technology includes a potential timeline to get up to speed in one decade.

Today, leading companies and startups could supercharge their products and services. They could create new conditions for everyone to ignite their personal and group digital engines. They could gain “first mover” competitive advantages and capture markets.

That could accelerate the future into the present, for the benefit of today’s generation.

Even if not done right away, this advance is now available. It could be triggered by a large crisis (in a fundamental area like energy, food, water, climate, social unrest, etc.). That could accelerate its development and provide a “rapid progress” opportunity to become a far more capable digital world.

However it happens, it will happen. Today’s Internet child will grow into an adult Digital World.

The journey to our full potentials has begun. Like it or not, our generation is about to become tomorrow’s heroes.