The whole Digital Earth: Your personal resource (1:27 length)

INTERVIEWER: In what way is a digital world better than the physical world?

DAN ABELOW: Think of the Expandiverse as being able to leap into that kind of world where it is not just people but the resources, the world becomes your personal technology resource.

We talked about devices. The value of a single family of devices isn’t the hardware. It’s what happens to the user. Suddenly, every user is able to use a single interface that they know and understand to access the entire digital world.

What that means is whether you are in Singapore or New York or in a small town anywhere in the world, that same interface gives you the entire world’s resources.

There are no more certain pockets or certain kinds of educated people that have certain advantages.

There is a universal ability to use the entire world’s digital global capabilities and resources from whatever device that you are on.