1.6.9 You control your digital realities (2:45 length)

INTERVIEWER: Am I going to have this new relationship with a vendor in which I decide who I want to have show up in my universe?

DAN ABELOW: When you look at a screen, the things that you see on it are constructed. They’re placed there by various systems in the background. What you’re doing is you’re allowing vendors to be parts of your world.

It ranges from not just what we’re used to, in the sense that there’s advertising and there are specific zones on the screen for advertisements. It also ranges to when you look at a picture or a place. Is there product placement inside of that? Are there logos or are there products that appear in it?

When you construct digital reality, when you have devices that are a thousand times more powerful than we have today, that picture, that image becomes part of a constructed reality.

Digital reality is something that we choose. It is not just something that is simply taken and displayed for us.

As we construct reality and as you have paywalls that allows certain vendors in, you’re simply saying, “Today, I don’t want Kellogg’s. I don’t want to know anything about their products. I only want certain kinds of products from certain vendors.” Let’s say it’s nutritional.

Whereas tomorrow, it could be, ‘”I do want Kellogg’s but want to see only their nutritional products. I don’t want to see all the sugary stuff”

Whereas, the day after, it could be, “Well, I’ve got kids. They really like that sugary stuff. Now, I want that in.”

In each case, Kellogg’s sees you and that relationship as someone valuable for different reasons. One, they’re shut out. Another, they see you as part of a specific market segment. In the third, they see you as growing to include multiple market segments for different ranges of their products.

In each case, today Kellogg’s gets to look at you and decide how they’re going to reach you and try to capture your mindshare.

Tomorrow, it’s going to be: How do you want to have others affect your mindshare? I think it’s going to transform people’s relationships with vendors.