The morning of a day that feels normal. Until it isn’t.

In the future your screens will follow you, keep you up to speed, informed and continuously connected. Our digital world will be more accessible and powerful than the physical world.

Every day will still feel like every other day. Until it isn’t.


One morning in the future…

Dawn breaks slowly. You wake gently to melodies from an angelic harp, softly strumming you to consciousness. Picking up the small screen on your nightstand you look at it with half-open eyes. Your sleep quality was over 80% and your vitals are strong. You brighten visibly. A better than normal morning.

While getting ready your screens follow you, getting you up to speed, keeping you informed and connected. Each is a teleportal, part of a family of devices that work together as one personal device with multiple screens. They recognize you as you move from the bedroom to the bathroom then the kitchen. Your online activities and connections move from screen to screen and are automatically resized for each type of screen, because they’ve become one device. “Multiscreen” turns your “family of screens” into one seamless experience.

Your calendar reminds you that you’re running an important meeting at 10 AM that morning, with your boss the highest executive there. After you’re dressed you flip to that project’s Shared Space, see that your boss is available, and focus him in. To emphasize the meeting (and get rid of the kitchen behind you) you make the background the conference room where you’ll meet, and display the meeting’s title on the room’s wall. Your boss confirms your goal and says he’ll support you at the meeting.

Then you flip to your family’s Shared Space. While you eat breakfast you say good morning to your daughter who’s away at college. She’s at the University of Miami, studying marine biology. She’s still upset about the oceans decline from the lethal combination of over-fishing and coral reef bleaching. She takes you there, switching your connection’s background from one dying coral reef to another, pointing out the underwater declines. She displays a real-time counter from each reef, showing the number of people from around the world who have joined the fight to save that reef. Without asking, she adds you to every one of them.

As you ride the train to the office you take a moment to glance at the cloudy sky that looks like rain. Then you flip to your work Shared Spaces and start your work day with your mobile screens and wearables. With continuous connections you collaborate with co-workers and distributors, confirming the details of your morning meeting. You see your meeting’s conference room will be open until your 10 AM meeting, so you reserve it from now until then.

Everything looks normal. A Digital Earth with everyone together in one digital room. Ready for another day.

Uh, no…