Next steps: Grow digitally without cannibalizing existing businesses

Part 3 of “The Digital Transformation Roadmap”

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On, seven videos on the home page explain some core concepts.

How the Expandiverse will be a new way to do business, work and live:

Replace the Internet’s failing advertising model: Consumers control the interface, turning it into the world’s most valuable real estate. New “continuous customer-vendor relationships” serve needs better than today.

Global Supply Chain: A real-time global economy responds efficiently and accurately to billions of “always on” people.

Real-time online living and working: Communications and apps evolve into multiple “Shared Life Spaces.” Add a Digital Earth without needing VR (Virtual Reality) gear or VR’s slow adoption cycle.

Continuous healthcare: Numerous advances include a healthcare firewall that protects against disease outbreaks in real time.

Continuous education and productivity: Today’s “static knowledge” is turned into “Active Knowledge” that amplifies your abilities. Everyone receives the world’s best ways to succeed — including instant online access to the best digital tools to increase productivity. (Exceeds information advantages from AR—Augmented Reality).

Experiential entertainment: The world’s treasures include everyone, not just elites. This evening would you like to carnival in Rio, party at a club on Ibiza, or do yoga during sunrise on Anse Royale beach in the Seychelles?

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