Will universal crisis management become the new normal?


When we reach the Age of Crisis, how will our Digital Earth outperform the crises?


As we turn into a world of nine billion people the economy will multiply its size over today. Our journey will be driven by humanity’s limitless desires for millennia of unlimited consumption. Yet we will face aging populations, resource shortages and growing ranges of disastrous economic, political and environmental crises.

We’re going to need the ability to work together on problems that are monumental and can quickly turn catastrophic. When they hit, they’re not just going to affect small groups and small regions.

We will find ourselves in situations that are beyond the scope of any of today’s institutions’ abilities to manage. We may even face catastrophic pressures from an age of crises, where we either ascend to new performance levels or face disastrous declines.

If we’re prepared, we will develop new levels of continuous living together, so we can work together immediately, produce dramatic results quickly and deliver them anywhere. We’ll need a continuous flow of know how to every involved person, so they can instantly deal with something that they didn’t expect but must handle now.

On a monumental scale, we’ll need new before-during-after capabilities: Anticipating, dealing with and recovering from daily events that could turn into potential huge disasters in the world as we know it.

That means much more than survival. We need to become able to prosper — and maintain peace — in ways that will make all of us proud.

One day, we will have no choice but to add entirely new levels of continuous connections and capabilities so we become the people and societies who can manage and succeed in tomorrow’s huge, high velocity and high-risk world.

Starting sooner will be better.


Image credit: Shutterstock.