8.1.4 Feel like you’re really there, when you live everywhere (video: 2:00)

INTERVIEWER: What does Expandiverse open to me as an individual that would have been fairly remote, if not impossible for me and for many people who maybe don’t even have the resources to make that trip? What changes?

DAN ABELOW: The Expandiverse is really the shift from being in a physical world and living locally and only having the opportunity to experience things here and now, to becoming a global person and digitally being able to be part of the world, as if you are living everywhere.

As we improve technology, which we’re doing very rapidly, the quality of our screens, the visual ability of the cameras taking us and transmitting us to other places, as well as being part of what’s there, and the size of the screens that we are now dealing with.

We are changing the experience from looking in through a little window at an image of something else to being able to have that brought to us so that it feels and experiences more like we’re there.

When you look through a window in a wall at the world outside, you don’t feel like it’s somewhere remote. You feel like you’re right there. There is just a window there.

Our technology is going to improve the experience across that screen to where it feels more like a window that we are present with locally.

We are going to move over the coming decade, or next decade or two, into a world through an Expandiverse where we feel like we’re living everywhere.