8.1.3 Live the new global: Go. Do. Experience. Grow. Share. (1:41 length)

INTERVIEWER: There is this big event happening in Australia. I don’t have time to travel to Australia. It’s 24 hours of real travel time each way. It’s opera, the Australian Opera House in Sydney. Then there is an event happening in China, it’s the Chinese New Year. Gosh! I’d love to be in Beijing to experience that. Is that possible in the Expandiverse?

DAN ABELOW: If you want to go to Asia from the United States, instead of needing 3 weeks of vacation because of the amount of time that it takes to get there.

You can just be there.

You can think about, “I’d like to get a drink tonight. I wonder if there are any great clubs that I really like to experience in the Greek islands, or in Ibiza.” Or — what’s the name of the club in Singapore that the Singapore Sling came from — Raffles?

So to go out and get a drink, you can think about where you would like to be, and then to go out and experience other places you can think about Hong Kong and Beijing as being accessible to you now.

There is an entire, expanded section of the Expandiverse about having a digital lifestyle where you get to experience the best beaches and sunrises or sunsets in the world.

You get to experience the best of anything that you would like to have as a part of your life. And you’re not confined anymore, or limited by physical geography.