8.1.5 Know the truth when you experience it personally, anywhere in the world (3:10 length)

INTERVIEWER: Would physical venues promote themselves as Expandiverse-friendly or Expandiverse-ready?

DAN ABELOW: The family of devices, the teleportals includes remote teleportals. Remote teleportals are designed to be access points to bring places and experiences not just to you but to large numbers of people.

They’re broadcast points so that bars can have multiple remote teleportals. Or operas or events of all different kinds, so that people can come in and be there, but not just be but sort of like, one camera in the back but be there and be able to share that with other people that they join there.

“Hey, would you meet me for a drink, or for lunch, on the Champs Elysees?”

There will be plenty of places that would love to have you and many other people going to their café on the Champs Elysees repeatedly so that when you actually go to France, you are going to go, “I know a great café. In fact, I’ve been there but now, I am going to really get to be there.”

So this environment that we are moving into is one that is filled with opportunities for us. For everybody to not only to experience the best in the world, but to really start understanding what this world is that we live in.

There are events that we may not want to go to all the time, but we would all love to experience once in a while.

There are religious events in St. Peter’s Square — a new pope. How many people would have liked to have been there? Alerted to be able to go there and digitally through incredible, realistic views, be able to see the moment when a new pope comes out? Or Easter Sunday?

The same thing for other religions that are willing to allow people in.

Whether it’s in India or China or Bali or St. Louis. In any city, it can be a local temple or church. There are ways of connecting people that are coming.

People can have as many choices as their lives would like.