How could Active Knowledge guide people to success? (video: 3:07)

INTERVIEWER  We were talking about Active Knowledge and that it works almost like GPS. It sort of learns on its own. In a sense, is there an intelligence that’s built in, that is deducing from our actions?

DAN ABELOW: It would be impossible for Active knowledge or any knowledge system like that to be done manually. At best, you can do this year’s products, services, features, tasks, steps. Next year they’ll be different. You’ve got to throw away a lot of what you’ve done this year and redo it next year.

The only way that Active Knowledge could work is if it’s done automatically by the network.

It takes a different kind of networking, a different kind of process in the background, in the architecture.

Because today we think of networks as connecting people. As connecting individuals to websites and services or machines or devices talking back and forth to each other. That’s communications. It will always be there.

But networks as I conceive them, and what I think a network will evolve to, is behavioral.

Networks will be aware of who you are, what device you’re using, what application or service you’re using on the device, what task and steps you’re taking.

Then just like GPS with a cell phone, it can see what route you are following to get to the address that you punched in, the destination.

A network is going to look at the tasks that you’re doing and the steps you’re following and be able to aggregate that information and say, “Most people who get to the end do it this way. Some people do it this way. And other people quit or exit, and leave and don’t complete.”

So it’s going to be able to look at — if you’re using that particular device or service or application — how would you succeed?

But it is also being able to look at if you are using this device or this camera lens versus this camera lens; which camera lens, in general, produces the most successful result?

So it is going to be able to look across products and across services, as well as look at how you succeed with each one them.

So it’s going to be able to give you information, that’s Active Knowledge, in two ways.

One is: How do I complete this task, this step?

The second is, it is going to be able to say, “If you want to be as good as the best in the world, which is the right device, service or product that you should be using?”