Investment Funding: How was the Expandiverse created?


Self-funded new technology, IP and innovation

Most high-tech startups are funded by venture capital. Their sweat equity model is for the founders to make $2 an hour while building an operating business that provides real income and equity.

Instead, Dan Abelow decided to invest personally in creating and introducing new technology that can help everyone thrive and prosper. He’s done this before: Patents he created and sold in 2004 have over 500 licensees today that include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics and many other companies.

More important, Dan knew no one would fund a multi-year project whose output is new technology for a continuously connected Digital Earth designed to help everyone rise to the top of society, and make that kind of world buildable today. This unique idea flips society’s pyramid, without revolution and without attacking those at the top.

A world where everyone receives the ability, resources and power to rise to the top breaks the limits of today’s beliefs. We “know” there’s always a #1, a winner. We see the world as a ladder, with only one at the top. It’s impossible for most people to even think of our world a different way.

One this invention’s core ideas is that we can build a Digital Earth where everyone is universally successful. On it, everyone is in control and at the top of their world. That’s a radical divergence from today’s belief, from the kind of world we all “know” this is.

Dan self-funded years of technology creation and IP filing. Now he is funding the years it takes to introduce this new and different way to build the future.

This “inconceivable” fork in the road would be impossible without self-funding the invention of Expandiverse Technology.

Dan’s sweat equity model is to pay for every hour, month and year he is privileged to spend working on this new kind of advance.

He says…

“I took this risk because America gives me strong roots — the willingness to take on challenges, invent new solutions, and believe the system will work now that this IP has been created. The Expandiverse is a perfect example of the Digital Earth it enables. Everyone will be able to reach for their own dreams with unprecedented scope, power and ambition. This kind of project is a visible first step toward showing how amazing a Digital Earth will be in our generation, not just in some far off future.”


The funding source:  The inventor’s prior patents

Over 500 corporations have become licensees of patents created by Dan as of 2013, through various licensing activities. Dan does not receive any licensing revenue from their licenses.

In 2004 Dan Abelow sold 100% of his patent portfolio without any licensees to an Intellectual Ventures company. Intellectual Ventures licensed many companies. The Intellectual Ventures company holding these patents was later divested by Intellectual Ventures in 2009. The patents were subsequently successfully and broadly licensed by specialized patent licensing firms, Webvention Group and Lodsys Group.

Though no longer the owner of these patents after 2004, when their licensing went public in 2009 Dan was known as their original inventor. He received misguided threats, bad press and hate mail.  Dan has never filed a patent infringement lawsuit, though the patents he created and sold in 2004 became some of the most litigated patents in the patent controversy.

Dan used the proceeds of his 2004 patent portfolio sale to an Intellectual Ventures company to fund the creation of Expandiverse Technology and IP.

When new revenues are produced from Expandiverse Technology, Dan’s goal is to make more contributions.


Image credit: Dan Abelow