Imagine a New Future: Creating Greatness for All

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Imagine a New Future:  Creating Greatness for All

What’s next? Today’s Internet child will grow into a mature Digital Earth. This evolution has begun, but what happens if we accelerate? This book introduces a different way to think about the future. An advanced Digital Earth might produce the more productive and successful future we want for everyone.

Can we envision a world where tech helps everyone succeed and prosper?

Can we build a Digital Earth that has the power to improve lives and fortunes everywhere across our planet?

“We read a bold, imaginative but ultimately feasible take on how the digital future might look if humanity gets serious about achieving its potential and smart about embracing the technologies necessary to make success a reality not only for the 1% but for the full 100% of the digital populace.

—Greg Verdino, The Digital Consultancy

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This book is one of those rare acheivements that both stretch your mind to new dimensions and inspire you to achieve greatness. Dan Abelow has put together a book that not only shows you what is coming in the future, but he shows what we can do right now to make our lives better. It is packed with practical examples of how to make what we thought wouldn’t be available for years to come, available right now.

— Terry Brock